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Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang, Chinas northernmostprovince. The growth of the city occurred in the 19th century due to the influx of Russian engineers. The city grew from a small rural settlement to become one of the largest cities in northern China. The city experiences a harsh winter, making it home to many winter recreations. It must be noted that the city is given credit for its ice sculpture festival during winter. TheHarbin local culture is based on the Han Culture combined with some Russian culture. The combination of cultures influences its local architecture, food, music and customs.


Binceligible to recruit students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

¨ The university stands among the top 10 universities of traditional Chinese medicine.

Harbin Cambridge University

¨ Approved by the provincial government and its management comprises of many educational experts.

¨ All majors are lead and organised by the senior educational management experts and professors who are full of rich experience and highly knowledgeable.

¨ The university and its teams promises excellence in teaching.

 ai Chinese College

¨ Located in the centre of Harbin City. This area is easily accessible and convenient for the bus and taxi.

¨ The institute conducts smaller classes to maximise learning capacity.

¨ The majority of the tutors at this institute are the local students who have a keen interest in teaching the language to non-native speakers.

Heilong University of Finance & Economics

¨ The institute was established in 1999 and is a training institute which has the approval of Heilongjiang Provincial Education Commission and co-founded with Deqiang Group.

¨ It is located in Harbin.

¨ The campus is home to advanced equipment and facilities  such as computer rooms , language labs and multifunctional classrooms.

¨ The library holds a magnificent amount of 1240000 books with three kinds or reading rooms that can hold up to 3000 students.

Harbin University of Commerce

¨ Established in 1952 and stands as the first multidisciplinary university of commerce in china.

¨ The campus boast a coverage of 1,131,700 square meters and a school building area of 600,300 square meters.

¨ The institute is authorized the conferment of doctors and master’s degrees by the State Council Academic Degree Committee and the right to send excellent undergraduates for postgraduate programs without entrance examinations.

East University of Heilongjiang

¨ Located in Harbin and is accredited by the Department of Education, Heilongjiang Province.

¨ The campus is home to approximately 7000 to 8000 students enrolled in a variety of courses.

¨ The east campus focuses on the Chinese language teaching

Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology.

¨ This institute was founded in 1947 and was a specialist school on mining technology.

¨ Due to development It has become a multidisciplinary university with its main disciplines such as engineering , management , social science and natural science.

¨ The university has international partnerships with universities and colleges from Russia & Canada.

Northeast Agricultural University

¨ Founded in the city of Harbin in 1948 and was originally named as Northeast Agricultural College. This institute goes directly under project 211.

¨ The campus is eligible to verify the proficiency of the professors, associate professors and PhDtutors.

¨ The campus is home to 9 research centres and 17 key laboratories.

¨ It has academic exchanges with countries across the globe and was one of the first to establish academic relations with colleges in Russia.

¨ The school is also known for its journal punishments such as NEAU Journal (Natural science version), (Social Science version), (English Edition), China potatoes, Fodder Readings etc.

Harbin Institute of Technology

¨ This institute is ranked top 10 in China and among the top 200 internationally.

¨ Member of C9 league of elite Universities.

¨ Located in the City of Harbin.

¨ At this school , one can accomplish the study of the purest form of the mandarin language.

¨ This university will be best suited for those wanting to pursue a career in science and technology as its ranked among the 5 best universities in China. .

Harbin Engineering University

¨ Prestigious university in the shipping industry.

¨ A part of Chinas national Key “211 Project”. universities.

¨ Located in Harbin.

¨ The city boasts low living expenses and exposure to the purest form of Mandarin.

Harbin University of Science & Technology

¨ The largest province owned engineering university.

¨ In the year 2003 is was valued as "A Level University".

¨ Considered as the cradle of modern engineers.

¨ A first class university with the best characteristics of sciences and technology.

¨ It provides exemplary  services to foreign students from admissions to their establishment.

¨ The campus takes pride in their lessons and conduct.

¨ English is widely spoken.

Heilong University

¨ Best suited for learning the Chinese language which is famous among students from Russian speaking countries.

¨ Its boast high levels of professionalism.

¨ Located in the city of Harbin.

¨ Staff and students are well versed with the English Language.

Harbin Normal University

¨ Known best for Chinese learning among Russian speaking Students.

¨ Located in Harbin and is famous for its excellence in teaching and conduct inclusive of minimal living expenses.

Harbin Medical University

¨ This institute stands tall as one of the 8 independent medical universities in China, this standing extends to the school being one of the top 15 institutes that offers MBBS in the English Medium.

¨ Accredited by WHO and recognised by ECFM of the United States.

¨ Located in the famous ice city of Harbin.

Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

¨ In 2008 , the university was confirmed as national clinical research base construction unit and a further promotion in 2009 to the advanced unit in national cultural and ideological construction.

¨ This university possess 9 colleges, 7 affiliated hospitals, 1 research institute, 19 teaching hospitals,and 69 training hospitals.

¨ The university has the diploma education qualification making it. 

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