school fees in china universities

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school fees in china universities

If we compare the worlds leading nations in higher education, those countries being China, USA, UK and Australia. Tuition fees for international students are almost multiplied by three times in the UK, USA and AUS. Although China's tuition fees are also higher it is not to the same extent. Students only pay a little more.

In direct anual comparison done in USD($):

China costs between 3,000 and 9,000 USD ($).

USA costs between 10,000 and 45,000 USD($).

AUS costs around 20,000 USD($).

UK cost about 17,000 USD($).


In terms of price versus quality, Just because a university has a higher tuition fee does not mean that it is a superior university. University fees like anything depend on the living cost in a particular location. The higher the cost of living the higher the price of goods, the higher the salary of teachers therefore there higher tuition fees. For this reason it is found that education institutions in bigger cities often have higher tuition fees. Another factor is the type of program one chooses. Courses with a higher number of classes would naturally cost more.


Below is a list of Chinese universities and their tuition fees in RMB.

The tuition prices for the C9 league universities are as follows :

·         Fudan University - RMB 75,000

·         Harbin Institute of Technology - RMB 26,000

·         Nanjing University - RMB 34,000

·         Peking University - RMB 30,000

·         Shanghai Jiao Tong University - RMB 29,000

·         Tsinghua University - RMB 40,000

·         University of Science and Technology of China - RMB 35,000

·         Xi'an Jiaotong University  - RMB 50,000

·         Zhejiang University - RMB 42,800

Other universities include:

·         Dalian Medical University - RMB 42,000

·         China Medical University - RMB 40,000

·         Ningbo University - RMB 28,000

·         Tongji University - RMB 45,000

·         Wuhan University - RMB 40,000

·         Jilin University - RMB 29,000

·         Huazhong University of Science and Technology - RMB 40,000

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