Best major to study in China

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Best major to study in China

Best major to study in China


This answer is opinionated and it is dependent on the preference of the applicant. When deciding on a major, it is necessary to do research in terms of scope, job opportunities and what the market actually ones.

Sometimes to will be wise to take a personality test or go for a career counselling session enabling you to make the best decision.

In China there certain majors which are popular among at international students: Refer to the list below


  1. Clinical Medicine – associated with study and research in disease diagnosis treatment and prevention in the field of medical sciences

  2. International Economics and Trade – this pertains to the study of goods and services flow across international borders from supply and demand , incorporating policies, and trade quotas

  3. Computer Science and Technology – the theoretical study of information technology and computation and its practical techniques which need to be applied

  4. Business Administration – its comprised of the performance and management of business operations and thus the making and implementation of major impacting decisions

  5. Civil Engineering – a discipline of engineering that deals with design. construction and maintenance of the physically built environment

  6. Architecture: the process of product planning , designing , and constructing form that reflect functional , social and aesthetic considerations

  7. Chinese Language and Literature – draws focus on mastering the basic knowledge of Chinese literature by theory, history and other aspects of the operational ability of the education system.


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