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study in China scholarship

China could be said to have risen above all others in the past decade when it comes to admitting foreign students. There are a lot of reasons this.

The ease of application and probabilities of obtaining a study visa is relatively better compared to other countries. All factors considered, it could take averagely 30 days to receive an admission letter, a JW202 and other important documents needed for a visa application. Additionally, it would not take more than 15 days to secure a visa. On a total average, you could be on your way to China within a period of 45days.

Scholarships are one of the many benefits Chinese universities present. It is a very ideal place to study in terms of cost of living and quality of education, not forgetting the affordability of fees.

Scholarships in China come in manifold for Bachelor degrees, Masters and PhD. Mainly, there is the Chinese Government Scholarship projects for both international students and tutors as well. The international students who apply for these scholarships and go further to obtain them are placed into Chinese Universitieswhich are commissioned by the Ministry of Education. Students usually have to obtain a high level in Chinese literacy as they would be studying in Chinese medium. The China Scholarship Council is the main organization responsible for handling and placing international students in various institutions.

Most of these scholarships are however available for Engineering, Computer Science and Business Management courses. It is very scanty when it comes to MBBS, except is being granted by the students’ government. Also, by merit of academic performance there are incentives that come in for international students every year, but may only constitute about a third of students'fees.

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