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china university scholarships for international students

Peking University Academic Excellence Scholarships are financial rewards given to students that achieve academic excellence. These scholarships are only awarded to Third year undergraduates, masters and doctoral students. These are not however the only requirements that makes one eligible for this scholarship.

Ther following are the comprehensive requirements to be eligible for the scholaships:

·         Candidates should be regular students, they should not be on leave of absence or suspended from the institution.

·         Students should be law abiding, have superior grades and register on time.

·         Undergraduates must have passed all required classes with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and students must pass all controlled electives.

·         Graduates must possess Superior grades, great research ability, creative thought are all requisite. Doctoral students who apply for scholarships must have published their thesis and this must have taken place at Peking University and also published in an official publication for your department at Peking University.

Values of Scholarships:

·         Doctorate Academic Excellence Scholarship:

    1st Prize: 10,000 RMB 5 students

    2nd Prize:5,000 RMB 10 students

·         Masters Academic Excellence Scholarship:

    4,000 RMB 15 students

·         Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship:

    3,000 RMB 30 students


In Mid-September each department composes a list of recommended scholarship candidates. During mid-October the candidates supplementary information is submitted to a panel where their supplementary information is evaluated. Mid-November is where scholarships are officially extended to students.

Supplementary information includes:

1. International student academic excellence proposal form

2. Transcript (including GPA of required classes for undergraduates)

3. Two letters of recommendation from a teacher of the student? department (not necessary

        for undergraduates)

4. Published thesis

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