Scholarships in China universities

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Scholarships in China universities

 Scholarships in China universities

As China is surpassing the education system in flying colors, this is attracting many applicants to pursue their higher education in this country and as usual, many students set their vision to study in China with a low cost or for free. And how is that achieved? Simple – it is achieved by applying for partial or full scholarships. China provides a range of scholarships designated to suit for the financial needs of international students to help broaden their scientific research, enhance their social services and provide for a memorable stay and experiences. Following are the types of scholarships: 

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) provides for a full scholarship for the international candidates, under which six programs are included for, along with other programs such as the Bilateral Program, Chinese University Program, Great Wall Program, EU Program, AUN Program, PIF Program. This full scholarship covers all the required expenses such as the tuition fee, accommodation fee, overhead expenses, and medical insurance. 

2. Confucius Institute Scholarship

Another type which provides the all time demands of full scholarship for international students is the Confucius Institute Scholarship, abbreviated as CIS. Those achieving this enormous aid are let off the hook from tuition, accommodation fees on campus however, but are provided with monthly living allowance, and insurance.

3. Confucius China Studies Program Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship and Ph.D. in China Fellowship

Another full time scholarship opportunity provides the funding for expenses such as:

1) Lodging and living expenses which extend up to 80,000 RMB per year
2) Research fund also extending up to 20,000 RMB per year
3) An inbound and outbound trip fares
4) Tuition
5) External support provided by the respective universities
6) Medical insurances in China
7) Group expeditions

4. Chinese local Government Scholarship

These are scholarships provided by provinces to further broaden the development of higher education of international students. Such are the provinces which provide scholarship opportunities:

  • Shandong government scholarship

  • Beijing government scholarship

  • Liaoning Government Scholarship

  • Shanghai Government Scholarship

  • Yunnan Government Scholarship

  • Heilongjiang Government Scholarship

  • Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship

  • Fujian Government Scholarship

  • Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

  • Liaoning Government Scholarship

  • Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship

  • Guangxi Government Scholarship Guidelines for Asian Students

  • Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

  • Heilongjiang Government Scholarship

  • Peking University Foreign Students Scholarship- Freshmen Scholarship

  • Jiangxi Government Scholarship

  • Xinjiang Government Scholarship

  • Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government Scholarship

5. University Scholarships

These are the one of a kind scholarships provided by selective universities attracting international applicants every now and then:

  • Harbin Institute of Technology - Distinguished International Students Scholarship (HIT Scholarship)

  • Nanjing Universities President Scholarship

  • Zhejiang University - Asia Future Leaders Scholarship

  • Zhejiang University - Foreign Students Scholarship

  • Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College - Overseas Chinese Teacher Scholarship

  • Guangdong University of Foreign Studies - Foreign Students Scholarship

  • Zhejiang Ocean University scholarship

  • The President Scholarship for International Students of SWUFE

    List of Universities Offering China Scholarships for MBBS Program for International Students:

  • Capital Medical University

  • Jilin University

  • Dalian Medical University

  • China Medical University

  • Tianjin Medical University

  • Shandong University

  • Fudan University

  • Xinjiang Medical University

  • Nanjing Medical University

  • Jiangsu Medical University

  • Wenzhou Medical University

  • Zhejiang University

  • Wuhan University

  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • Xi’an Jiaotong University

  • Southern Medical University

  • Jinan University

  • Guangxi Medical University

  • Sichuan University

  • Chongqing Medical University

List of Universities Offering China Scholarships for Engineering for International Students:

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering:

  • Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Shenyang Aerospace University

  • Beihang University

Civil Engineering

  • Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Xi an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

  • Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Beihang University

  • Shandong University of Science & Technology

Electronic and Electrical Engineering:

  • Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Beihang University

  • Bohai University

Chemical Engineering:

  • Jiangsu University

List of Universities Offering China Scholarships for Engineering for International Students:

  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

  • Capital University of Economics and Business



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