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Living expenses

Trying to calculate how much money you will need to bring when you come to China,

To give you instructions on what things cost and what you should expect to pay we have separated this out into three categories, accommodation costs, and living expenses. As always, costs can differ depending on what part of the country you are planning to enroll to study in so always contact us for your Universities tuition fees and accommodation and other expenses

Student Accommodation

As we have noted in our student accommodation section, their area several options for places to live when you come to China, and each of these will differ in cost. If you are planning to come to China for University then you will most probably expect ultra-modern hostel facilities at your disposal. Due to this expectation, our student hostels are ultra modern and meets the necessary requirements needed to bolster learning

If you opt to not go to our student hostel, you can always go and find your own accommodation and the best way to do this is get a group of students that you would like to live with. You can then go house hunting and find your own accommodation. The benefit of doing this is that firstly it’s fun to look for a house together and secondly with 2 or more people costs are split and so it can be a much cheaper option.

Living Expenses

Working out what living expenses you will need to consider and how much they will cost you will depend on varieties of factors. For example, if you want to live the lifestyle you have been doing back in your home country - this might probably be very expensive to do, so you may have to make compromises!

As a rough estimate we have calculated what it could cost you for the major items you will need when you are in China:


If you buy your own food, it is relatively much cheaper than buying from restaurants daily. You can of course, be smart about this and save much more.

Telephone (mobile)

The cost of mobiles varies depending on the provider and tariff you are on. Prepaid is generally cheaper to control costs.

DSL / Internet

Most companies charge yearly for standard DSL in China and it's relatively cheaper and fast than other countries.


If you live in a house or apartment you will need to calculate water, heating and electricity into your budget.


If you live away from University you will need to include travel expenses in your budget about this.

Study Materials

Books, notepads, paper, printer cartridges are all things you will need and you should budget about 3 yuan/week for this.

if you can get a discount!

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