jiangxi provincial government scholarship for international students in china

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jiangxi provincial government scholarship for international students in china

The jiangxi provincial government scholarship for international students has been introduced to attract more outstanding students to attend univrsities in the Jiangxi vacinity. This initiative has also been set up to enhance the reputation of the province as well as increase the number of foreign nationas in the province. The quota has already been distributed between the selected universities in the province.

There are three types of scholarships offered by the Provincial goverment.

·         Type A is used to sponser the studying  doctoral and masters degree students.

·         Type B is used to sponser the studying of undergraduate students

·         Type C is used to sponser students who plan to study in the province for 6 months or less.

These scholarships are worth RMB 25,000, RMB 20,000 and RMB 6,000 respectively.

The scholarships would be used for students to pay for registration fee, tuition fee, accommodation fee, fee for basic learning materials, fee for internship; and to buy Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme. So when the students in our university get the scholarship, the money will be used to pay for all the fees for the next academic year.

The application process:

The application forms for the jiangxi provincial government scholarship can be found in the international students office.

1.       Fill in and complete all manditory information onthe application form.

2.       Provide the copy of your passport.

3.       Provide the copy of your health examination.

4.       Write a Study Plan in China (for freshmen).

5.       Provide the copies of notarized highest school graduate certificates or diploma and notarized transcripts.

All supporting documents should be submitted to the international students office before 20th september.

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