study in China in English language

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study in China in English language

Thoughthere are few Chinese universities that offer programme in Chinese medium especially. There are about over 5000 universities that offer course or programmes in English language. English language as a popular language which is worldly spoken by most countries offers students who fly to china to study   a great chance to work anywhere around the globe.

English taught programmes have really attracted an enormous number people across the globe to China to study. There are whole lot of English taught programmes ranging from degree to masters. Most universities employ foreigner qualified tutors with good English language proficiency to successful give student the requisite knowledge.

Though students are taught Chinese for one year, this is to help them obtain communication skills to freely communicate and easily carry on their daily activities successfully. Every Student begins his or her major in English language as agreed on when applying.

English taught programmes are offered by the university with international standard curriculum and at the end of the programme students are awarded academic results and degree.

Students must specify the medium of language when applying either in Chinese medium or English Medium. Most universitieshave both local and foreign is the duty of the university to offer their classes in English medium to care for the growing number of foreign students.

In China, two type of English taught programmes can be considered.First, there are international programmesprovided by local universities in China. With this kind of schools,foreign students are taught separately form the Chinese students in English language whiles the Chinese students take their classes only in Chinese medium.

With the second type, English taught programmes are offered only by international universities only. Programmes are  being taught are made to following certain foreign curriculum to suit internal standard.

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