Ph.D. in China

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Ph.D. in China

The Ph.D. (doctor of philosophy), otherwise known as the doctorate degree, is a postgraduate degree often awarded as a terminal degree in most fields of study and usually requires that students finish a final thesis in a special area of study.

Looking to study quality English taught Ph.D. programs abroad? Look no more, China is the perfect place for you and here is why.

We all know how much it costs to study for Ph.D. regardless of the field of specialization, and universities in China have a relatively cheaper tuition fees compared to other places in the world with the same standard of education.

 Also, students probably fund themselves during this period, and for this reason, need places with a low cost of living to have a smooth life whiles in school. More importantly is the issue of accreditation. Yes, it is true that some universities’ certificates have more value to employers than others’, and that is why ACASC is here to ensure students are at the helm in terms of these issues and students can find lucrative jobs easily once they are done.

Applicants are usually required to have a master’s degree or its equivalent. They are also expected to either have a HSK 5-8 and or complete an entrance exam from the university. They are also required to present at least two letters of recommendation from two different professors. For in-depth knowledge into the application for Ph.D. programs and anything else, feel free to contact us at ACASC.

ACASC, the number one admission centre for advanced studies in China!

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