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Sports management

Sports management is an industrious field concerning the business aspects of sports and recreation. Some examples of sports managers include the front office system in professional sports, college sports managers, recreational sports managers, sports marketing, event management, facility management, sports economics, sports finance, and sports information. Many colleges and universities offer bachelors and master’s degrees in sports management. A number of classes outside of sports management may be relevant to the field, including; classes in management, marketing, business administration, and accounting. Internships will also open opportunities within the field. Jobs in sports management include working for professional programs like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and other professional or non-professional sports leagues in terms of marketing, health, and promotions.


There are a wide range careers that students go on to succeed in after completing a sports management degree. Some of the career choices for sports management program graduates include athletic trainer, college athletic administrator, coach or player agent, operations manager, team marketer, athletic team manager or the coach, ticket sales specialist, a director of communications or even a sports event planner. Most professionals believe that the right internship can be extremely beneficial with establishing a career in the competitive sports industry. Most students are able to gain front office positions with professional sports clubs because they chose to achieve a sports management degree.

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