Psychology in China

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Psychology in China

Take a step in answering unanswered questions of the mind ….

Psychology is the academic study of behaviour and mind that is inclusive of conscious and unconscious experiences as well as the thought process. It a discipline of social science which aims and is driven by understanding individuals and may entail of researching certain specific cases.

The professional of this field is titled a “psychologist” and can be categorised as social,behavioural or cognitive. These professionals focus on understanding the functioning of the mental aspect of an individual in social behaviour while also exploring its inclusive cognitive, physiological and biological processes.

Psychologist explore behaviour and mental processes. This includes perception, attention, and emotion,and conation, personality, functioning of the brain and cognition .in this field the unconscious state must be taken into consideration.

In the career of being a psychologist, knowledge is applied to the basement and treatment of mental disorders or mental health problems.

The field of psychology has many schools of thought to name a few:

-Biological: this pertains to the study of biological substrates of behaviour and mental process.

- Behaviour: this is the main area of study under psychology

- Cognitive: this pertains to the study of mental processes underlie ng the mental activity

- Social:  this is the study of how humans think, interact and feel about each other as well as how they relate and converse.

Psychology is comprised of certain theme which govern the basis of studying and are used as markers or guides to use and build on in research.


-          Personality

-          Unconscious mind

-          Motivation

-          Development

-          Genes and Environment

This board aspect of Psychology encompasses many small divisions and may include different approaches to the study of mental behaviour, this includes:

-          Mental Testing

-          Mental Health Care

-          Education

-          Work

-          Military and Divisions

-          Health Wellbeing and Social Change

 This field has endless opportunities and abundance of scope and job prospects from research to education or a counsellor

Types of degrees you can pursue with psychology:

Associate degree: undergraduate degree that is over two years, though there are not many job prospects.

Bachelor’sdegree: undergraduate degree taken over 4 years. There is a variety of job opportunities however it forms a good basis for further education.

Master’sdegree: this requires beyond 2 or 3 years after the completion of a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Jobs at this level is for more plentiful and the pay cheque looks pleasing

Ph.D. Degree: popularly known as doctor of Philosophy in Psychology is doctoral degree that takes can take 5 to 7 years of study. There is variety in speciality.

Syd this is an applied clinical doctorate degree that is one of the highest level degree available in psychology

Interested in pursuing this remarkable career of Psychology, complete it as one of the world’s finest schools in China:

1.       Peking University

2.       Beijing Normal University

3.       East China Normal University

4.       Southwest University

5.       South China Normal University

6.       Central China Normal University

7.       Northeast Normal University

8.       Second Military Medical University

9.       The Fourth Military Medical University

10.   Hunan Normal University

11.   Shaanxi Normal University

12.   Capital Normal University

13.   Harbin Normal University

14.   Inner Mongolia University 

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