Foreign students ' education has been improved and the prospects for cooperation between the two schools widened

Foreign students ' education has been improved and the prospects for cooperation between the two schools widened

April 28, the University of South Korea's education delegation Zhao Zoheng President of three people to visit our hospital, this is the fourth visit of the ROK delegation since the cooperation between the two schools. The two sides discussed the agreement and the exchange of foreign students in the early stage of the cooperation between schools, and further explored the cooperation between the two schools in the future.

The dean of our college, Professor Siliming, expressed his warmest welcome to the ROK delegation's visit, and thanked them for their efforts in cooperation and congratulated them on the gratifying results and the leaping development that had been achieved since the cooperation. And said that our hospital will further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with the ROK, and actively strive to appoint teachers and scientific research to continue to cooperate, looking forward to the joint efforts of the two schools, to jointly promote the development of friendly cooperative relations between the two schools.

Professor Yehaijiang, director of the basic Department for Korean students in our hospital, briefed the ROK delegation on the study and living conditions of 9 students in our hospital. He was fully affirmed by Professor Zhao, President of Yi Shan University of Korea, and thanked the students for their meticulous care and the hospitality they received in our hospital. and expressed a good desire for further cooperation. The two sides jointly look forward to a more fruitful outcome of the future cooperation between the schools.

It is understood that the two schools in November 2005 established a cooperative relationship, the parties signed an Exchange agreement, in 07, South Korea sent 9 students to our hospital to study Chinese language, my hospital will also be selected students of excellent academic study, the ROK delegation again visit, the two sides signed a new exchange agreement, for the future development of the school laid a solid foundation.


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