Vice - President Professor ZhangMingzhu invited to Germany to participate internship program seminar

Vice - President Professor ZhangMingzhu invited to Germany to participate internship program seminar

At the invitation of SINO-EU Agricultural Exchange Foundation From May 21,2013 to May 26, 2013, Vice-president Professor Zhang Mingzhu led a delegation to go to Dusseldorf school in Germany to participate in the oversea internship seminar of 2013 SINO-EU Agricultural Exchanges Foundation. Forestry Science and Technology Associate Dean Professor Gong Xuechen, International Education Exchange Center staff accompanied the visit.

At the seminar, Vice-President Zhang Mingzhu introduced the rapid development of our school in recent years. He also had a meeting with the Chairman of the SINO-EU Exchange Foundation, Mr. Harry. With representatives of agricultural institutions from China and Europe discussing in depth the issues of the educational exchanges and cooperation, overseas students in internship programs and teacher training exchanges including other issues. SINO-EU Agriculture Exchange Foundation issued licensing authority for our school to establish a practice base.

During the seminar, the vice president of the German International School, Mr. Rudiger Rui Chete, vice president of the University of Gottingen Strong and Ruch West Ham Harry, Dean Mr. Mann and our vice president had in-depth conversations; this three foreign universities on the hope that future cooperation in research, student exchange, communication and other aspects will have long-term cooperative relationship. EU Agriculture Exchange Foundation held overseas internship program for our students and teachers to broaden the field of international cooperation and exchanges in our school. Overseas internships and training exchanges included European countries such as Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

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