Foreign students actively take part in sports meeting

Foreign students actively take part in sports meeting

Recently, the school held the third autumn games and all students including foreign students actively participate in it, and foreign students won the completion.

At the opening ceremony, the students from the foreign student's college showed the style and cultures of their countries; vibrancy, youthfulness, and other qualities were on display for the whole school to applaud. In the shot put competition, Bruno from Cameroon won for the second time, with Good Luck from Nigeria and He Sian from Kenya also performing very well in the game. As the international students did battle on the field, the others shouted and cheered them to victory.

This was the first time that students from our university attended a large-scale event at the school level. The participation in the school games enhanced the relations of the international students with the local students. It is also is an important embodiment of our school's international college, encouraged by the sports spirit, the students have learned the spirit of unity and perseverance.

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