Writing like an angle—The foreign students’ series of cultural activities I in spring

Writing like an angle—The foreign students’ series of cultural activities I in spring

With the beginning of the spring semester in 2017, a series of social practice and cultural experience activities of “Reading China, Reading LNTU” as the theme was organized by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation in our university for foreign students in spring elaborately.

On 7th April, the series activities I of Pen Calligraphy Competition was kicked off. More than 30 foreign students who come from Russia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Congo, Burundi, Korea, Cambodia and other countries have joined the competition.

Everyone was eager to try and had to brush ink, the broad and profound Chinese characters culture was vividly on paper. The calligraphy work of the Russian student  Sascha “Quiet Night Thought” stand for her homesickness, the “A Traveller’s Song” which was wrote by the Vietnamese student Ruan Guoyue expressed the miss for his relatives, the “Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night” which was wrote by the Mongolian student UNDRAKH also expressed the yearning and longing for a better future life.

It made foreign students to learn from each other and progress commonly though the competition. And it not only showed the foreign students the youthful style and vigorous vitality, further enhanced their sense of identity and belonging to the Chinese culture, at the same time also laid a good foundation for building the international campus .

The serious competition of foreign students

The work of Russian student Sascha

The work of Vietnamese student Pei Wenyuan

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