Beijing Institute of Technology will enter Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

Beijing Institute of Technology will enter Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

The Hebei historic province goes way back in the earliest historic period, where the plains of the province where home of Peking man a group of Homo erectus who have lived in the area back in 200,000 to 700,000 years ago. Hebei as the home of the people`s republic of China is located in the North East part of the country. The boarders are Liaoning to the northeast, Shanxi to the west, Inner Mongolia to the north, Henan to the south, and Shandong to the south east Hebei province is also completely surrounds Beijing and Tianjin which borders one another. Most of central and southern Hebei lies within the North China Plain. The Taihang Mountains (Taihang Shan) border the province to the west, while the Yan Mountains (Yan Shan) run through the north, creating a geographic border with the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. The Great Wall of China also cuts through northern Hebei from east to west, briefly entering the border of Beijing municipality, and terminating at the seacoast of Shanhaiguan in northeastern Hebei. The highest peak in the province is Mount Xiaowutai in northwestern Hebei, with an altitude of 2,882 m.

The following are some of the major cities found in the province

· Shijiazhuang

· Zhangjiakou

· Qinhuangdao

· Handan

· Tangshan

· Baoding

In form of education as the late news is stated, that the Beijing institute of Technology will enter Zhangjiakou City which is also a major city in the Hebei province. According to the information and statistics which were given out in the year 2000, there were only 47 institutions of education in Hebei. Therefore there will be an increase in the city of Zhangjiakou with more institutions of higher education and more students to acquire education for their life career. This is for the greater good because it will increase socialization among the students, furthermore competence in studies and hence better results and performance.

The Beijing Institute of Technology also known as the BIT by abbreviation is one of the best institute that provides better education for students. During the opening ceremony of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message of congratulation to the university. Also in the year 2018 the update news is about the foreign students center a meeting held in 2018 Open house in BIT at the meeting hall on the date of March 6th in the 7th building for the African students. The meeting was held aiming for the accomplishing indicators of related tasks that President Zhang Jun presented on his work report for improving the international influence on BIT. Apart from improving is strengthening the admission promotion and make BIT more about the international (foreign) students studying in China. The aim of this is to attract more outstanding and interested foreign students in BIT. You should also know that the activity is joined by more than 100 foreign students from different schools, such as the Tsinghua University, Zhenhua International school, Beijing 4th Middle School and many more.

After the seminar students visited the campus in groups to the school history museum, to the laboratories of Mechanical Engineering the students also watched the new energy car and the intelligence cars. At the students technology innovation Base which consisted of Formula cars and finally in the IT robot innovation center where there were different kinds of robots and other  high-tech research products.  

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