Meeting of teachers of international students

Meeting of teachers of international students

On the November 24th, the Conference for foreign students teachers was held in the first conference room of the first teaching building, the meeting conveyed the expectations of the school and the international Students ' college teachers and the requirements for teachers to participate in the teaching work. Vice Dean Li De, dean of foreign students Tian Shi, director of the Civil Engineering department Fu, director of the Department of Architecture and Art Tanglina and related teachers attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Li Deijia.

Tian Shi first of all, talked about teaching, management and other aspects of the basic situation of Foreign Student, and the achievements and accomplishments of the teacher. At the same time, he also put forward the request and expectations of the students to the teachers who will take part in the teaching work, and expressed gratitude to the teachers for the hard work

At the meeting, the Li Jie and the participating teachers made clear the policies associated with the enrollment of the students in the school, and also the training of professional teachers to help the recruitment of more professional teachers. He asked the instructors to be fully prepared before class, and pointed out the textbook, the importance of reference materials in the teaching of foreign students. He also stressed on the need for teachers to grasp the various teaching links, students to communicate with each other, teachers paying attention to the feedback of students, timely detection of problems, solving problems, and that the recruitment of new professional teachers would begin in the middle of December.

At the end of the meeting, the teachers made presentations and exchanges on the problems they had encountered in preparing for the lessons during the semester.




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