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Why Study in China?

China has become one of the top destinations to study around the world. With traditions of excellence dating back hundreds of years, high-class institutions in every corner and much more flexibility than many other countries, the People’s Republic of China has much to offer international students that most English-speaking countries cannot offer.

But what makes China stand out? Why should you choose China as a destination to further your international education?


Growing Destination

International students have always been an important presence in China, and their numbers have been growing steadily over the years. In fact, China is one of the most popular destination for international students, with the US and the UK. China has worked hard to capitalize on the growing demand for English-language instruction and the Chinese market. The top ten countries sending students to China are:




South Africa







Worldwide Recognition

Degrees and qualifications from Chinas higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class. This standard of excellence is set by some of the older universities with recognizable names, such as Peking University, but the tradition carries through to many of the universities and colleges throughout mainland China. When looking for work in the future, this can be a great selling point in your favor.


Education Costs are Lower

The cost of education for an international student in China can be is generally lower compared to the USA and other countries. Programs in the USA can be $25,000 or more a year in tuition alone. Tuition for the majority of Chinese higher education institutions generally, $2,000 to $7,000 a year.

Because your degree will generally take less time to complete in China than in other countries, this will also save you money. Although four-year programs are increasing in popularity, most degree programs in china are three years, and a master’s program is typically between one and two years.

Although international students can manage their affairs so that their China education is affordable, Chinas policymakers are taking note of an alarming trend in the cost of education for Non-Chinese students. With exchange rates climbing, life in the china can be quite expensive. In addition, unlike in many other Asian countries, non-Chinese students are charged higher rates in china than students from the countries. One recent study from the Higher Education Policy Institute warned that China must act to contain and reduce tuition and costs to stay competitive in the hunt for international students.


Multicultural Nation

China is known for its multicultural society, with all religions and faiths represented in some way. With a racial, ethnic and religious jumble, China is very open to new traditions and cultures - something that is a great thing for students from other countries! You can also be sure that a place of worship will be easily accessible for most major religions. 

In recent years, the demands to study in china has seen incredible increase worldwide. China recorded over 286,000 students from over 180 countries entering for a degree.

You might wonder for a second why China is an attraction to overseas students. These are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Affordable Fee Structure

    International students settle for Chinese universities because of reasonable fees and low standard of living compared to other countries. Fees range from 1500 USD to 6000 USD annually depending on the degree you are pursuing. Click Fees and Costs to find more about the tuition.

  2. Travel and Discovery

    China is one of the few countries with the longest living history and modern civilization. Studying here gives you wonderful opportunity to explore the adventures of china; experiencing the brilliant mix of ancient and modern civilization and enjoying its beautiful scenery. China is also an interesting society to make friends with diverse ethnicities and different race all over the world.

    From the glowing and buzzing cities to the mountain top dynasty villages where a pin drop can even be heard illustrates how diverse the country China is. This is to say that the country is beautified not only with museums of imperial relics but also the glitz and glamor of high ranked modern cities across the country.

  3. Quality Education

    The Chinese government has been heavily invested in education, mainly development of first-class universities. Currently, over 6,000 tertiary institutions in China have been authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Education to admit international students with about 200 institutions are allowed to hand over Chinese scholarships.

    Official academic education certificates awarded to International students by Chinese universities are globally recognized. Agreements have been reached bilaterally between China and over 90 countries worldwide including Britain, France, USA, Japan and others across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

  4. Job Opportunities

    China is the world's largest and fastest growing economy with an average GDP of 9.79 over a 30-year duration. It is also the world's largest exporter and second largest importer of goods.

    Studying in China exposes you to international groups and engaging in global work market. High demands and consumption of the Chinese domestic market has caused numerous top companies to relocate their Asia-Pacific headquarters to big Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. To mention a few of these companies; Exxon Mobil, Siemens, Volkswagen, etc.

  5. Safety of Study in China

    China and its people are well known for great etiquette, hospitality, and warm-heartedness. As a major activist of world peace, china has developed sound relations with surrounding nations and become one of the safest places to study.

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