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Scholarship is the financial help given to any students so as to ensure or enable him to study at any coast, usually involves discount of the school fees at either a large or small cost. Scholarship has some few procedures and rules to follow before being given out to any student or any person in need.

Scholarship is offered in any legit school or university with higher education levels or studies, that involves complete studies in all levels of education. You should also know that there are no specific courses for students to be given scholarship, any student taking any course can get a scholarship as long as he or she has met the demands and the specifics required by the school or entity that he or she has applied for.

Rules and Procedures of Obtaining a Scholarship

Over the years a lot of students have been studying with the help of scholarship in advanced studies and even complete their whole education course in abroad countries and in the best and the most expensive schools with less amount of tuition fees to pay for their education.

Through the process they have been following rules and procedures so as to gain the scholarship, and here are some few rules.

The first and most important is that the applicant must be a real and legit student, from any school or university with any level of education. In this first rule there is excluding some of the members who are not in this group and a good example include the high school or the university dropouts, also the students with criminal records are excluded from the group.

Another rule is that a student must have seriousness in studies and must have good grades from the previous school he or she has been studying. The students with good performances are the ones awarded with the scholarship and most especially the student must be certified or proven from his or her previous school or university studied.

Scholarship also are awarded to the most responsible student in the university example the class monitors and the leaders of the students in school. This works only in some of the universities or schools and not all of them, because some of the students work hard to help their teachers and coordinators in school or university. 

The other major rule of obtaining a scholarship is that a student has to apply for it. There is no any scholarship awarded to a student without his or her own need or want to get the scholarship.

How to Obtain the Scholarship and Procedures

The above, are some of the few rules needed for a student to obtain a scholarship. But in the process, there are procedures that a student has to follow up in order to obtain the scholarship. In these processes its where they differ in different countries and different schools or universities as they all have implemented their own procedures.

Example the scholarship procedure given in China universities are different from Tanzania, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and many more other countries. The procedure for getting a scholarship in China universities include:

Either a student can use the agencies to get the scholarship or can decide to link the particular university`s office directly.

  • He or she has to have an original certificate from his or her previous school which also stated the level of education he is on.

  • If he or she is an international student, then he has to have a passport, obtain a visa and a resident permit from the right sources.

  • With the help of agencies, it then become easier to complete the process because, they will help you go through all the important procedure and make it a success I a particular period of time.

Principles of Scholarship

The scholarship has proven to be so important to all the students who have obtained it in the past years, and here are some principles of the scholarship

The scholarship is given or provided to a student in either or any level of education, be it non-degree, Bachelor Degree, Master`s Degree, Doctorate degree and many other levels of education. But they differ in the amount or value provided.

The scholarship is given to all students, be it from an international or domestic country and of any financial level.

The scholarship works in a duration of one year time in many or most cases, and after that a student can apply for a new one. And in some cases the scholarship is seen to take a whole or lifetime career depending on how the student applied it for.

Because some of the scholarships can be from the home government offered to a student or it can be a university offered to a student or a country offered to a student.

Types of Scholarship

There are two types of scholarship, one being the Partial scholarship and another being the Full scholarship.

The partial scholarship is where a student still has to work in some few costs apart from the tuition fee, or half of the tuition fee, hostel fee or insurance fee. This involves the scholarship awarded to a student by the particular university due to a number of reasons example:

Good performance in class

Nice attendance in class

Having class responsibility as a leader

Participating in all activities involved in the university or school with maximum obedience.

The full scholarship is where by a student does not pay for any cost of his or her fees, this might involve the government paying for all his cost or country (scholarship offered by the country or government to a student.

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