ACASC assists International Students Studying and Living in China

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ACASC provides students with convenient, reliable, fast and error-free application services in china from all over the world.

We understand how frustrating application processes can be but with ACASC we take care of everything for you making it convenient and effortless. With over 400+ universities using the ACASC platform, it is fair to say that our reliability is never questioned and we pride ourselves providing an error-free service.

ACASC assists students with professional advice and support with their study plan in china.

Studying in a foreign country can be overwhelming at times, however, when you’re associated with ACASC we assist students by providing professional advice. The portal on its own serves as a support structure incumbent to those who visit the ACASC website.

After students have been admitted we assist the with the tracking and delivery of their admission notice.

It is a nail-biting phase when an application has been made and the student is awaiting a response from the university, it is furthermore anxious when the student has been accepted but awaits their admission statement. ACASC makes the nerves easier to deal with as the online service helps students track their notice and provides insight as to when they can expect to have their acceptance letters.

ACASC assists qualified students to secure accommodation in China.

This service provides options to the student, may it be university hostel or apartments.

Whilst some students are okay with staying in the university hostels others prefer the privacy of an apartment. No matter what your preference is ACASC helps set up your accommodation and ensures that you will be comfortable during your stay in china.

ACASC helps brilliant but needy students get scholarships in china.

There are thousands of brilliant minds that apply to ACASC on a daily basis, however, many of these students are in need of financial aid to actually pursue their studies. ACASC helps students in achieving scholarships in china that will fund their studies, sometimes for the entire duration of their course. We work hard in ensuring all our students get the opportunity they deserve.

Due to the language barrier, we provide airport pick-up services to our students from the airport to the university to make the journey easy and more comfortable.

Many students fear traveling to china due to the language barrier but with ACASC we work to bridge this deterrent. In recent days ACASC has started providing airport pick-up for the student. This means that upon your arrival in china, one of our ACASC officials will be waiting to receive you. They will then accompany you to the university and see to your needs till you are comfortable enough to move around on your own.

Our team works 24/7 online to assist students with their queries and needs.

The ACASC team works hard to ensure there are no queries that go unnoticed. We remain online 24/7 prepared to advise students or answer any questions that may be asked, whether its 3 or 4 times over explaining a single concept, our agents are dedicated to making sure students are well aware of every little detail that gives them a piece of mind.

If admission is denied the application fee will be refunded.

To further touch on the reliability and loyalty of ACASC, should any application be denied, we will without questions apologetically provide a refund to the student.

ACASC bridges the global marketing gap between international students and institutions in china.

ACASC in its diversity not only provides an opportunity for students across the world but also enables universities in china in getting exposure in other countries. They are able to network and gain recognition.

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