Your future study plan

Your future study plan

What is your preferred course?

Chinese universities offer thousands of programs for international students. Some popular courses like:

  •  Study MBBS in China

  •  Study Business

  •  Economics and Finance

  •  Engineering in China

For more courses of choice, click on Hot courses. In view of this, certain educational and personal requirements must be provided, please click on Entrance Requirements for further information. In addition, non-degree programs such as Chinese culture and Chinese Language courses as well as other training courses are available.

Thinking of getting an affordable education in China?

The expense in China is relatively low comparing to developed countries. Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai are a bit higher but lower in general costs than that of the developed countries. Also, there are smaller cities like Zhangjiakou, Shijiazhuang, Hainan, Hangzhou and Chengde with low cost of living and other expenses as well as affordable tuition. 

Looking for a good city or university in china to study in?

You prefer to study in China but not familiar with its’ cities and universities. Search data’s or blogs for university rankings, browse our University Rankings or use our Explore University to search for a university.
For help in choosing cities or universities, browse our Study in Zhangjiakou; a Study in Shanghai; a Study in Beijing; a Study in Hainan; a Study in Shijiazhuang; a Study in Hangzhou; and a Study in Chengde.

These cities have more policies and English-taught courses to welcome foreign students to study in China.

For non-degree programs, Shandong University is a place to consider. Shandong University derives its official founding date from the Imperial Shandong University established in Jinan in November 1901 as the second modern national university in the country. Shandong University has been classified as a National Key Universityby the Chinese Ministry of Education since 1960.

Planning your duration to study in China?

Degree programs: Enrollment for undergraduate courses are for a duration of 2 or 6 years. This duration depends on the program chosen. After completion of the course, students will be awarded with an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. Duration of an associate degree lasts for 2 to 3 years, including coursework and assignments. Whiles bachelor's degree on the other hand, comprises of comprehensive learning and exams qualification to complete the program.  Study duration for honors bachelor’s program can be completed in 3 - 4 years of study, medical students (MBBS) are required to study for 6 years including one year for internship.

Non-degree programs: These are short-term programs lasting for one or two semesters.
 Usually it begins from Spring i.e. February or early March.

Academic Calendar

Chinese universities academic calendar is organized into two semesters - Fall and Spring. The Fall semester commences from mid-September to January, the Spring semester begins in February or early March until mid-July.  Schools admitting international students postpone their start date sometimes to the end of September or mid-October, especially for courses like MBBS or engineering, taught in English.

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