After you arrive in China

After you arrive in China

Airport Pick-up Service

Most international students arrive in China exhausted after a long trip. Due to the language barrier, communicating with the local people become very difficult for international students. Without any assistance at your arrival airport, finding directions, transiting to a different city airport, means of transport and locating the international education center of your university becomes a force to reckon with.

ACASC airport pick-up service is here to solve these problems for you. Our team will meet you at the airport and assist you from the airport to your university or college and further assist you with your registration formalities.

At the arrival hall, out team will display a name card with your full name printed on it. We make the transition from your arrival airport to the university safe and more convenient for you.

Available cities:

ACASC provides airport pick-up services at these cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao and Harbin. Pick-up service fee varies based on your arrival airport. It ranges from $100-$300.

Expenses for Studying in China

Compared with commonwealth countries’ tuition, tuition of China’s higher education is relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, the Chinese citizen’Per capita income is much lower than western countries’, so there are still some students from rural and less developed countries facing funding problems. The Chinese government has taken some measures to ensure the smooth enrollment of this group, like partial and full scholarship aids, affordable fees and living cost in smaller cities etc. It seldom has the news that some college students discontinue studies because of the lacking of tuition or living cost. Considering institution funding, it varies dramatically among different universities. For more information, contact us.

Applying for Your Residence Permit

A visa is an official and legal permit issued by embassies or consulates in your home country. The residence permit is mandatory for all those staying for longer than three months. You can do this on the same day that you register your address—this permit is issued by the Foreign Resident Authority or the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau in a representative for the MOP and Chinese Government where you can also register your address.

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