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Economics is termed as the study of the allocation of resources, that is, how, why and to what effect market and non-market institutions distribute goods and services. Economics purports to be a scientific discipline meaning that it uses abstract mathematical models to capture the important features of more complex real world processes and tests the validity of these models against available economic data. Studying economics is about developing problem-solving skills, including mathematical and statistical techniques as well as more general analytical skills. You also become great at writing essays!

Even though the behavior of individuals is important, economics addresses the collective behavior of businesses and industries, governments and countries, and the globe as a whole.

Microeconomics begins by thinking about how individuals and firms make decisions. Macroeconomics considers aggregate outcomes. The two points of view are important in understanding most economic phenomena.

Why Study Economics In China

There are numerous reasons why students choose to study economic and management in China, including salary, career prospects and networking, Networking is probably the major reason. Nowadays, Economic and Management courses in China is designed to prepare both Chinese and foreign managers for senior leadership positions, In general, it aims to provide managerial students with the skills to lead, design and implement suitable system and practice for organizations operating in China and also international business environments.

It is vital that foreign companies need skilled managers in China, given the growth demand for foreign investment in China, there is a real shortage, more economics education is required both in the Chinese methods of doing business and Western methods, it become absolutely critical to compete and grow in China.


Best Ten Universities in China for Economics Study

Choosing a good major can be as essential as choosing a good school, especially in a foreign country. It you desire to study in China and have decided to study economics, the following ten universities are ranked the best economic schools in China may be helpful for your decision.


University of International Business and Economics

As the first one to confer master degree and doctoral degree, the School of Economics in this institution has posted many studies. Some subjects of this school have been listed as the National Fundamental Subjects.


Peking University

Established in 1985, the School of Economics in this university owns the first faculty among China's colleges. As a strong faculty, it has six academic departments with about 8000 students in it.


Nankai University

It is one of the oldest departments of economics in China, which was founded in 1923.Among its different programs, three of them are listed as the state key subjects. And it is also the state base for economic education and research.


Fudan University

Consisting of a large group of departments, the School of Economics in Fudan University has a strong faculty. With modern teaching and research facilities, it plays a very important role in international information exchange.


Xiamen University

Being the mainstays of Xiamen University, the School of Economics has 5 departments and 15 economic research centers. Its 4 state key branches of learning and a faculty of national structure make it a good learning environment.


Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Developing in a high speed, the School of Economics in this university has a number of teachers from famous foreign universities. All this has helped it to build an international reputation in economics.


Zhejiang University

There are 4 departments and 14 research intuitions in the School of Economic in this university. Having an authorization of the theoretical economics' doctoral degree, the school also offers various courses.


Nanjing University

The School of Economic in this university consists of many important research centers. And while some national prizes have been given to its teachers, the programs and projects it offers are also comprehensive.


Xi'an Jiaotong University

Excellent teachers and the strong strength of offering different degrees is the main advantage of this school in Xi'an Jiaotong University. It houses the first post-doctoral mobile station in the major of applied economics.


Wuhan University

Having of history which can be traced to the end of 1893, this department couldn't be ignored by the students who want to study economics and management in China.


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