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The ACASC admission agency has been originated in quite a time, and ever since its formation, the agencies has been seen to work hard by ensuring or promoting more number of students to the top ranked schools and universities in China.

Through ACASC student have seen their future, through ACASC student have graduated in quality universities and through the same agency the society has received some professional workers in different sectors such as doctors, engineers, Nurses, and many more.

In the year 2016 ACASC was able to do admission for a number of 420,816 students in different universities for different courses. And most of the hot or demanded courses include MBBS which is 54.6% followed by the Chinese course which is 23.2%, Petroleum Engineering which is 5.5%, Business courses with 2.1% and finally IT (information technology courses).

The agency has been working with a lot of students from different places, most especially in African countries and the Asian countries and the success rate of the agency has been viewed up to 98%

Apart from only admitting the students, the ACASC agencies have been doing other services for the students such as airport pick up and taking them to their respective universities so as to ensure safety of the new students whose first time in China.

The total number of universities that have partnered with ACASC is 400 universities in China without excluding the number of collages in the list.

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