International Admissions

International Admissions

As they say education is the key to success, but if you are looking for the best education in the world don’t look no further than in China.

China has the best education system in the world, not to talk of the beautiful environment such as the China Great Wall, the Summer Palace ,the Pool of Glorious Purity and so forth  and the lovely people.

Every year, hundreds of international students from over 60 countries study with us.

Our rich multi-cultural environment ensures that our students benefit from holistic education and develop global perspectives.

The School seeks to achieve excellence in the provision of technical education to boost the world’s employment and human resource capacity building. Again, it intends to go into research and consultancy to improve production in the sectors of industry and commerce.

We are committed to bringing you the most accurate and researched information to help your educational life. Making informed decisions is all about the type of information you are fed with.We are to provide higher education in the areas of technology, engineering, medicine, physics, chemistry, computer science, medical laboratory technology, mathematics , biology, to meet the demand for technological skills and manpower for industries.The objectives of the school is to ensure that all students of the school are provided with quality formal education and training through effective and efficient resource management that will facilitate.The making of education delivery relevant to the manpower needs of the world at large. The school has been offering consultancy services and training to the university community and the public. Some of the beneficiaries include students from other institutions and different country.The university offers an exchange program where students can travel to other countries to study there as well.

Although many institutions world-wide aspire to maintain their financial health by aggressive recruitment of international students, it is claimed that the main purpose of most colleges and universities in recruiting international students is to provide international and cross-cultural perspectives for their students and to enhance their curricula.


Also, we know the challenges international students face while adapting themselves to the living and learning environments of the host country, so we have a well-known group of people who will take you through the Chinese culture on campus for you to know in and out of China.


Despite the challenges that you would face in terms of speaking the Chinese language, you do not need to worry because the Chinese Government have created a room for all foreigners to be able to interact with the Chinese natives。

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