How to get scholarship in China

Many overseas students from different parts of the world now choose the Chinese universities as they provide the standardized education according to the international standards. Recently 50,000 overseas students became a part of many universities in china. China helps every overseas student coming to study in the Chinese universities as much as possible. The Chinese government supports the international hardworking students by providing them scholarships. These scholarships help the students financially and buck them up! the scholarships offered by the Chinese government to the overseas students feels like a cool breeze for the parents and the applicants both.

There are different types of scholarships offered by the Chinese government which depends on a number of things, such as:

The university:


There are many scholarships offered to the overseas students on the basis of the university they apply in. some of the university that have attained a high world ranking are offered with more number of scholarships than the other universities with comparatively low world or country ranking.


The major:

Overseas students applying in different majors are also awarded with scholarships depending entirely on their major. Some of the majors under different programs like undergraduate, postgraduate and other courses are also categorized according to the duration of the degree.


Your program:

It is observed that the students applying for the post-graduation are more likely to get a scholarship than all other programs.



Your obtained marks in your most recent appeared exam are observed precisely when an applicant applies for admission in one of the university in china, as these marks are the most deciding factor in a scholarship.


According to classes:

The scholarships are also categorized according to the class i.e. class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

And freshmen scholarships.


Talking about the methods to apply or the scholarship programs, there are a number of methods that you can adopt to apply for a scholarship, some of these are explained below:


  1. You can directly go and visit the online website of the CSC scholarship, where you can easily find the latest details about the CSC scholarships.
  2. You can also get help from one of the agencies like ACASC that helps the students to get enrolled into their dream universities and also help them to get scholarships.

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