Socializing as a New International Student

The first day of school is usually a mix of feelings. The excitement of the new things, the nervousness of the change of environment, and determination to start classes and make new friends are just a few of them. For an international student, a new semester means a new opportunity try new things and getting out of your comfort zone. After all, that’s the basics of traveling to another country. Developing a social life can be challenging when you travel alone but thanks to technology, the distance between people have become shorter.

Nowadays, we have many ways and fewer excuses to join a new club or learn new skills. As someone in a foreign land, it might be hard to find the right niche but this task can be very fun!

The Student Union on Campus

Almost every college or university in China is equipped with an international students group called “Students union.” That is where most events around campus will be organized or will be announced since it’s a high traffic area. During your weekend or vacation, if you are looking for groups to join or things to do, make sure you visit your on-campus student union. Some student unions will have soccer to play, watch a movie in theaters, study groups, partying, visiting some exciting places and popular restaurants for your convenience. If you don’t have any schedules, the student zone makes it easy for you to find something to do and socialize.

Meeting up with friends

Once you begin your search for something that might interest you, technology is your best friend. Ninety-nine (99%) percent of the time, there will be an app connecting you to nearby events, groups in the proximity, and places of interest etc. For example, WeChat is a great app for your mobile phone where anyone can create an interest group and be joined by people around your city, within the country or outside china. Another convenient app if you need a ride somewhere is Didi (Uber). Didi is quickly replacing public transportation in most cities. They arrive in just a short time and are more convenient and cheap. Didi drivers are regular people with a car that will give you a ride, sometimes, for a fraction of the cost of a taxi.

Ask your colleagues

If you live on-campus, you probably come across different kinds of people every day. While some people are social butterflies, others may prefer hanging around one or two friends. However, the residence halls or dormitories are a great place to find out about activities or the nightlife during the weekend. It serves as a good place to start since most people around you will be looking for something to do. Never feel like you are the only one trying to explore and try new things when you live in the dormitories.

Now that you have a place to start, you should be able to change scenery and do new things. Go from your bed to recreational parks to learn new dance move and making lasting memories on this exciting time of your life. Feel free to take a chance out there and never fear going to an event or joining a group. The only thing you might lose is the boredom of staying home.


A True definition Of Friendship

Five boys have just been enrolled in Hunan University Of Science And Technology They have an exceptional experience with Zack a staff of ACASC, who has offered tremendous assistance upon their arrival in China. He is very patient, caring and kindhearted. Being with Zack for, their first days in China have been fantastic and they are thankful for what Zack has done for them. Zack hopes that they can value the friendship and tells them not to hesitate to contact him in times of need.

They gathered at the School dormitory. Zack expects a great relationship between these boys who have established themselves as a family

They are on their way for their first lecture.


Morgan Unravels His experiences in China

Morgan, a medical student from Tanzania has been enrolled in Anhui Medical University. He arrived in China on September 1. Prior to that, ACASC team had booked an apartment for him to settle in his new edifice upon his arrival in China.He was aided by, Marvin to complete admission formalities and open a bank account. He also took Morgan to explore the campus, convenient shops and other places in the University. He also aided Morgan with all the basic needs he wanted to ensure he is comfortable in his new home. Morgan said his experience in China was fantastic and Marvin had just showed him a tip of the iceberg

Chengde Medical University—A Perfect Path To Success

This autumn a group of students were enrolled in Chengde Medical University to study MBBS. They have been exposed to a lot of opportunities. They believe Chengde Medical University is the best path to achieve success as a medical student.

Nothing is greater than being enrolled in a well-renowned university like this, but what is more inspiring is that you meet people from different parts of the globe who share similar interests. Hope the embrace the new chapter of their lives and become successful medical practitioners in the future

Taking Care of You in China

Imagine that you are an international student who is going to fly to China to pursue your study. Your flight arrives in the night when the school dormitory is closed. You feel helpless in this foreign country where you aren’t familiar The language barrier may even make you more helpless. However, this will not happen since ACASC helps you with situations like this

We were at the airport during waiting for a group of international students. Before their arrival, we had given the university prior notice of their arrival so that we could settle these international students into their new home in China even though it was late at night.