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Human beings are considered as a social animal which means that one cannot survive alone and needs help of other fellow beings. Same is with hunting for the universities for the youngsters after their graduation from the high schools. The high school graduates are always in hunt of a better University that meet all their education. ACASC a well-known company helping the international students to get enrolled into their dream universities with just a few clicks. Gone are those old days when you had to gather all the hard copies of your documents and travel all the world along to get admission in your preferred University. When you search about study in China agency in some search engines the one most appearing name you shall witness is the name of ACASC.



ACASC has helped thousands of students to get enrolled into their Universities. There are many consultants in the ACASC’s company that have years of experience in providing the quality services to the international students from all over the world.



ACASC website is a well-developed and human friendly website with all the detailed information present in it. There are a number of Universities which are affiliated with the ACASC company. While searching for the proper institution you can easily filter according to the following keywords:

  1. University
  2. Major
  3. Program
  4. Scholarship
  5. Region
  6. Ranking
  7. Teaching quality
  8. Hostel accommodation
  9. Study facilities
  10. Student life


There are consultants available 24/7 just to assist all the admission process, all you need to do is to provide them with your information and all the required soft-copies for the admission the rest is up to the well-trained consultants of ACASC. You shall be informed about every step.



Not just the admission process is made easy with ACASC but other important processes like getting settled when you reach to your new destination. Payment of your fees, pick and drop services from the airport to the university and many more.

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