Foreign student life in China

Life of a student has always been colorful and difficult at the same time. A healthy student has to keep his social life and studies keep going at the same time. Managing time is an art that a student has to master in order to lead a successful student life. Foreign student life in China is full of new experiences every day. Here are some of the plus points of foreign student life in China:

1.  Hostel life:

The hostels provided to the overseas students are all according to the international standards. The hostels have single and double rooms available for the overseas students. Almost among all the hostels in different universities in China are provided with the modern day facilities like internet connection, furniture, electricity and separate toilets. The hostels or the dormitories of the universities in China are well-protected 24/7 by the CCTV cameras covering every corner of the building.

2. Study facilities:

Foreign students studying in china are not just like book worms studying all the day long but they also spend their time in other facilities like libraries, laboratories and other sports clubs.



The libraries provided to the international students are according to the international standards having a large collection of books written by many international scholars. There are many books available for the international students in the libraries according to their majors and programs.


Laboratories and research centers:

The overseas students are also provided with the facilities of laboratories and research centers all equipped with all the modern day equipment’s.

3. Extra-curricular activities:

There are a number of extra-curricular activities provided to the international students studying at different universities in China. These include different sports clubs, art societies, chess clubs and many other like these.


Travelling opportunities:

Reason of studying in china is that you can explore one of the most antediluvian empires in the world. There are many exciting places found in china which are very notable among the traveler.

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