Study in China for masters

As China takes a central place on the world stage, its higher education system is also moving into the global limelight. Now there are over 2000 universities in china that are offering the masters degree to the overseas students under many different majors. China is rapidly becoming a major study abroad destination, with over 95,000 international students at its universities.


The duration of masters degree in china:

The masters degree in the chinese universities usually lasts for about 2 years. However some other research-based programs may be a bit longer. The chinese academic is usually from September to July.


Fee for masters degree in china:

The fee for masters degree vary from university to university and factors such as:

1.  Region.

2. Scholarship funded or not.

3. Major.

4. The duration of study.

5. University world ranking.

On a average basis the universities in china for the masters degree charge from 15,000 RMB to 50,000 RMB per year. Application fee may or may not be included in it depending on the university.


The curriculum:

The master degree taught in different universities in china are all in English with teachers having years of experience in teaching their particular subject. The teachers teaching the overseas students are compulsory to be having the basic knowledge of English as it is one of the requirement set by the education ministry of china.

Visa for masters degree:

All the overseas students who wants to study in any university in china are compulsory to have a student visa (X or F visa) depending upon the duration of completion of their degree.



The cost of accommodation in China varies depending on where you decide to do your postgraduate course.

There are two main types of accommodation for students:

University accommodation

Private accommodation

Accommodation costs are higher in bigger cities like Beijing and shanghai.


Scholarships for the master degree students:

China has been offering massive amount of scholarships for the hardworking and talented overseas students. There are many types of scholarships for the master degree program such as:

1. Scholarship offered by the hosting university itself.

2. Scholarship offered by the government of china

3. Scholarship offered by the regional government.


These offered scholarships are mainly of two types I.e. one which is awarded once in a year and is around 5000 RMB which is more for the bachelor degree students and another which is offered as a monthly allowance.


Top universities in china for the masters degree program:

There are many universities in china which are worldly ranked and are considered to be the best among all other universities of the world. Here is a list of some of the most appreciated chinese universities by the overseas students:

Tsinghua University

Peking University

Fudan University

University of Science and Technology of China

Zhejiang University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Nanjing University

Wuhan University


Most applied majors under masters degree in china:

There are a number of majors offered by the chinese universities which are all taught in a very precise way to develop the concepts of the overseas students.  the most popular Master’s degree in China are in fields such as:

International Relations




Business Administration.



It is to be believed that even in this modern era when everything is out of the hands of a financially mediocre person, china still cares about people. Students studying in the cities like Beijing and shanghai can still easily spend a month with pocket money in between 1500 to 2500 RMB. However this above mentioned value is just for the comparison and vary from person to person and depends on the life-style one wants.

Can I study in China with a tourist visa ?

From the past couple of years china has become the next destination for the overseas students after their high school education. The education standards have been raised by the education ministry of china. Recently more than 50,000 overseas students became a part of different universities in china. China is now becoming a country that’s more of an innovator rather a country that relies on the technology of other nations. China is developing progressively on daily basis and is in the competition with all other top leading countries around the world. Tourism is becoming increasingly important to China as both a source of revenue and means to enhance its international image. China currently ranks fourth in the world as a tourist destination, behind France, the United States, and Spain. In 2013, over 55 million tourists visited China. The question, “can I study in china with a tourist visa?” the answer to this question is simple and is explained in this article.

Here are some of the details that may help you to understand all the queries related to visa’s regarding to study in china:


Foreign students studying in China are obligatory to have an ordinary passport and either a Study visa (X-visa) or a Short-term visa (F-visa study/research period). If you arrive China on a Tourist visa (L-visa) and your program is longer than a month, you’ll have to apply for a new visa and try to apply for a student visa and get enrolled into an institution. You can apply for a Chinese visa from your nearest Chinese Embassy.

Here in china there are three kinds of visa issued to the foreigners and it is very important for someone to understand the actual basis of these visas.


Tourist Visa (L Visa) is issued to an alien who comes to China for sightseeing or visiting family members or friends or for other personal affairs.


The straight answer to the question is “you cannot study in china with a tourist visa” but there are some other ways which you can adopt such as:

1.  You can convert your L- visa into X or F-visa (student visa) easily by the Chinese embassy but it will cost you more.

2. You can directly apply for x-visa from your country.


Student visa ( X / F-visa)

This visa is especially issue to the students who wants to study in china for a short or for a long time depending on the program they get enrolled in. here is a list of the documents that you need for the F or X-visa:

1. valid passport

2. Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW202)

3. Application form that must be signed by the applicant


l-visa is issued to for the tourist who are specifically visiting china for a limited period of time just to explore it. However the JW-202 is parceled to you and may take about  2-4 weeks’ time to be processed once you’ve been accepted by a university but if you want to be in the scene you can apply for the L-visa and experience it by yourself.

General information about visa:

Once you  have entered in  China, your visa is valid for only 30 days, during these 30 days you need to apply for a residence permit. This residence permit substitutes your visa, and is valid for the period of time you were approved with your original visa.


Processing Time for visa:

1. The regular processing time is 4 working days.

2. Express service: 2-3 working days processing, $20 will be charged per visa.

3. Same day rush service: additional fees of $30 for 1 working day processing


Visa fees

1. you can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Company Check. Cash or Personal checks are not acceptable by the embassy of china.

2. Please make the company check, cashier’s check or money order payable to Chinese Embassy.

3. Fee:$130 for American, and $30 for Citizens of other countries.

Study in Kunming China

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in southwestern China widely known as “City of Eternal Spring.” Kunming is surrounded by Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Tibet and India, Kunming is one of the country’s best travel hubs.

Generally speaking choosing is the best decision of your life where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, natural beauty, and its rich melting pot of colorful cultures side by side with your study.

Here are some of the reasons why you should study in Kunming:

Top universities:

There are many universities in Kunming which are highly recognized all over the world due to the standard of education they have maintained. Here are some of the following universities:


Yunnan University:

Yunnan University (YNU), is centrally located in Kunming’s charming and bustling downtown area, adjacent to the Green Lake and its adjoining park.  The YNU campus is a historically and botanically rich enclave that provides an excellent backdrop for study and immersion.  As a comprehensive university, YNU has programs in most academic disciplines but is particularly recognized for its departments of anthropology and environmental studies.

Programs offered in Yunnan university:




Administrative Management

Adult Education


Agricultural Economy & Management

Analytical Chemistry

Ancient Chinese Literature


Applied Chemistry

Applied Electrical Technology Education

Applied Mathematics

Aquatic Biology

Archaeology & Museology

Archaeology and Museology

Archives Science

Art Design

Atmosphere Physics and Atmospheric Environment

Atmospheric Science

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Basic Mathematical Science

Bio Technology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

And many other majors waiting for you…


Other famous universities that are also famous among the overseas students:

Kunming Medical University

Kunming Metallurgy College

Kunming University

Kunming University of Science and Technology

National Southwestern Associated University

Southwest Forestry University

Yunnan Agricultural University

Yunnan Arts University

Yunnan Military Academy

Yunnan Minzu University

Yunnan Normal University

Yunnan Normal University Business School

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Famous about Kunming:

In Kunming, attractive natural scenery enhances delicious local foods. Its dishes are representative of Dian (Yunnan Province) cuisine, which combines cooking styles of cities and nationalities in Yunnan Province. With its high humidity and mild temperatures Kunming provides abundant fruits and vegetables all year for local cuisine. In addition, there are numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes.


Things to do in Kunming:

1.  Stone Forest:

The Stone Forest or Shilin is a notable set of limestone formations about 500 km² located in Shilin Yi Independent County, Yunnan Province.

2. Dian Lake:

Dianchi Lake, also known as Lake Dian and Kunming Lake, is a large lake located on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau close to Kunming.

3. Yuantong Temple:

Yuantong Temple is the most famous Buddhist temple in Kunming, Yunnan province, China. It is located in a protected natural depression and in recent years it has been expanded with funding from Thailand.


Despite all the facilities provided to the international students according to the international students the tuition fee is kept lower than all other universities around the globe, moreover the chinese government also helps the students by awarding them different scholarships.


Scholarship opportunities:

In this era when learning also become quite expensive, china still helps the hardworking overseas students and offer them with scholarships. These scholarships are either in the form of monthly allowance or are awarded once in a year which may be around 5000 RMB.

Study history in China

China’s history is almost as long and continuous as the Great Wall of China itself. While written records date back to 1600 BC, the origin of the Chinese civilization is often quoted to reach back as far as to 5000 BC. Some of the innovations that we commonly use even today such as paper, printing press, the compass, and gunpowder were all invented in China before Europeans knew about them. China has had a huge influence on the whole surrounding region.

A country which is enriched with such a great history is the best place to study about history as it is well said, A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without rootsMarcus Garvey.

Now questions like, why shall I study in china? Where shall I study? What is the best pick for me? No worries, you are at the right place and all your quires shall be answered in this article.

Here are some of the reason why you MUST study history in china:


Learn Chinese language:

Even though, the major will be taught in English to you but there are many possible chances for you to learn some mandarin while making friends with the locals. Mandarin is not just a part of china but is being spoken in many different countries like Singapore, Malaysia and many more. Learning mandarin will open new doors for you for further study, establishing your own business or for even visiting. It is a win-win situation.


Studying history in china is not that much expensive. The Chinese government has always cares a lot about the people who want to contribute any good in this country or in the world.


Scholarships for you:

The Chinese government and the universities have always done for the betterment of the students who wants to come and be a part of different institutions in china. They are not just allowed but among all the students the hardworking students are also awarded with scholarships. These scholarships are either in the form of monthly allowance or are awarded once in a year. In order to provide almost to everyone there are different categories of scholarships i.e. class 1 to class 5 and then there is one for the freshmen as well.


Top universities:

There are some universities about which you should totally consider as your next destination. Here are some of these universities:

Tsing Hua University

Peking University

Fudan University

University of Science and Technology of China

Zhejiang University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Nanjing University

Wuhan University

Sun Yat-sen University

Harbin Institute of Technology


Chinese cuisine:

Chinese cuisine is one of the most varied in the world. Each region has its own principal taste and specialties. There are many Chinese restaurants in different countries but are you sure that they provide EXACTLY the same standard? Come, join us today and experience all these by yourself, discover, explore and enjoy!

Travel opportunities:

You like travelling? Great, china is going to be the best place for you. From Shanghai, you can reach Hong-Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul and Hanoi in about 2-3 hours by plane. The travel possibilities in China are infinite.


Career building:

Experience of China and Chinese, which is the third most popular language to learn in the world, could give you a great career boost. China is believed to be the third most visited destinations by the tourist, so why are you waiting?


witness the future:

The Chinese economy may overhaul the U.S. by 2030. See this economic engine in action, learn what makes it go, and you’ll be in a position to grow right along with it. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Study in China— Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China and near Shanghai.

As hangzhou near to shanghai, many foreigners have established their business over there. Universities, hospitals and many other government buildings are constructed and are being established over there.

Choosing china is your first best deciscion and choosing hangzhou is the deciscion you will never regret of. Here are some of the reasons that may convience you:

1. “tea capital”of china:

Hangzhou is the birthplace of Dragon Well tea, which is the most famous green tea in China and ranked as first among China’s top 10 teas. Hangzhou tea plantations are mainly comprised of Longjing Tea Plantation and Meijiawu Tea Plantation.

2. Universities in hangzhou:

There are many universities in hangzhou that offeres you the best study not even in the Asia but also in the entire world. Here is a list of some of the universities in hangzhou:


China Academy of Art

China Jiliang University

Zhejiang Gongshang University

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics

Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (ZUMC)

Zhejiang University of Technology

Zhejiang International Studies University

Hangzhou Dianzi University

Hangzhou Normal University


Standardized education:

All the teachers teaching the overseas students are believed to be the best among the entire country having years of experience in teaching the international students.


Chance to socialize:

When you study in another country you get enough chances to meet different people from different parts of the world having different culture and traditions. Unknowingly we learn a lot just by talking to each other.


Talking on facts:

Talking on facts why do a Lot of International Students Choose Hangzhou to Study Abroad in China? Here are some of the reasons that may stisfy you:

1. Advantages in transportation

2. Advantages in geographical point of view

3. High world ranked universities

4. Business advantages

Study in China in English language

Language is our primary source of communication. It’s the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. Some people even say that language is what separates us from animals and makes us human.

There are several factors that make the English language essential to communication in our current time. First of all, it is the most common foreign language. Learning english has become our need according to the present time.

We can now study in china in english language that we are going to discussing here in this article.

Follow these steps and achieve all your dreams of studying in your dream university,


Before getting started, have you thought that which city you are going to choose for your next educational destination? Here have some suggestions:


The capital of china crowded with foreigners studying, establishing their business and living their lives. Beijing has many universities that are appreciated at international level and are ranked among the best of all in the entire world.

Universities like pieking university, tsinghua university, Renmin University of China, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing University of Chemical Technology,

Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute

China Agricultural University

Beijing University of Agriculture

Beijing Forestry University

Peking Union Medical College

Capital Medical University

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Beijing Normal University




Shanghai is the center of modern China and the country’s largest city flourishing with new experiences everyday. If you are pursuing a degree in finance, business, or economics, this city should be your next stop in china. There are many top universities in shanghai as well which are ranked highly and are also considered the best by the overseas students, such as:


Fudan University

Tongji University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

East China University of Science and Technology University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Shanghai Maritime University

Donghua University

Shanghai Institute of Technology

East China University of Political Science and Law

Shanghai University of Sport

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai Theatre Academy

Shanghai University

Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance

Shanghai Dianji University

Sanda University

Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

Shanghai Second Polytechnic University

Shanghai Business School

Shanghai Jian Qiao University

Xing Wei College

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

Xianda College of Economics and Humanities

Shanghai International Studies University

Tianhua College, Shanghai Normal University

ShanghaiTech University


Programs taught in chinese universities in english language:


There are many programs in many different chinese universites which are taught in english language and the lectures are delivered by the best of the best. One of the criteria of selecting the teachers which are supposed to teach the overseas student is that they shall know english as this is the language they have to use while delivering the lectures.

The programs taught in english include:




Administration Studies

Architecture Studies

Art Studies

Business Studies

Design Studies

Economic Studies

Energy Studies

Engineering Studies

Environmental Studies


Food and Beverage Studies

Humanities Studies

Journalism and Mass Communication


Management Studies

Marketing Studies

Social Sciences

Technology Studies

Tourism and Hospitality




General Studies

Law Studies

Life Sciences

Natural Sciences

Performing Arts

Professional Studies



Study in China cost of living

While studying abroad especially in china you might always think that how can you survive in a place you dont even know about even if you somehow are awarded with the scholarship that covers all your tution fee and accommodation fee as well, no worries! You came to the right place, here in this article we shall discuss some of these points that influence a lot on the living cost and also on the average living cost of studying in china.


Here are some of the factors that has a great influence on your living cost, especially while your stay in china.



Yes, it sounds like how can such a minor thing has such a great effect on the expenditures if we put it on a monthly chart of expenditures we can easily find that the transportation cost is taking 1/4th of your monthly expenditure.

In china, the transportation is very cheap as now there are many buses that run entirely on electricity and may require 1 or 2 RMB to travel from one station to the last stop.

The taxi fares are also quite affordable, In the coastal metropolises like Shanghai, Shenzhen or Guangzhou, the price is high.

Buses have different routes that almost covers all over the city, where you can travel easily. The average fare for a taxi starts from 6 to 8 RMB per kilometer.


If you are studying in china most of the overseas students tends to buy a vehicle the thing to be hammered into the minds is that the government of china is very strict towards anyone having any kind of illegal approach towards anything while their stay in china, under such circumstances the governement of china has allowed the overseas students to own a E-bike as it does not requires any king of driving liscence and is cheap as well.



Another add-up in your expenditures is the daily utlities, which you cant eliminate as well.

Utilities in china are cheap, for the students living in the dormitories the bills like electricity and internet are comparatively very less as compared to the students who live outside the campus premises in the rented apartments.



The accommodation expenditures in the campus premises are not much as compared to the students who live outside the campus. Renting an apartment in china depends upon a number of things such as:

1.  Location

2. City

3. Area of the apartment

4. Community services

5. Furniture included in it.

Averagely speaking an apartment (1 room) will cost you no more than 150 USD per month in the smaller cities of china.


The living expenses in cangzhou medical college are believed to be quite affordable as everything is easily available on the door steps in a quite cheap rate.

It is estimated averagely that an overseas student studying in an instituation in china spends almost 1700 RMB to 2300 RMB every month in which he easily manages his expenses like transportation, meals, etc.

However this estimated value may vary from person to person depending on how much facilities you require and the life-style you are living.

Study in China without IELTS

English as we know has embedded its root in the human civilization a long time ago. Now it has become a universal language and the truth is that your skills and knowledge is sometimes measured with the parameters of your English. Many universities in china are have also set “IELTS” as a necessary requirement just to ensure that the student who is trying to be a part of this university can understand the knowledge he is being delivered with. Mostly IELTS is requested from the students who are applying from NON-NATIVE English speaking country or in other words the students whose mother tongue is not English. There are some exceptions as well, which are as follows:

1.  International student who come from the English speaking countries IELTS Score is not required.

2. International students who apply for Chinese language program IELTS Score is not necessary in Chinese universities.


Details of the score:

If your first language is not English, you must submit scores from the academic modules of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The scores will be a decisive factor during the application review process.


Applicants who have one of the following minimum scores shall be entertained:

7.0 For the IELTS


Universities without IELTS:

Yet there are some universities in china that allows your application without the IELTS scoring. Here is a list of some of the universities where you do not need the IELTS as an application document:

Donghua University Shanghai

The Dalian University of Technology, Liaoning state, China

Nanjing University, city Nanjing, state Jiangsu

The Renmin University of China.

Northeast Normal University.

Northwest A & F University.

Shaanxi Normal University.

Tianjin University,

Fujian University

Southwest university

Wuhan University, Hebei state, Wuhan city, China

Hebei North University

Harbin University of science and technology.


Here is a list of university that are categorized according to the majors they ae well-known to be offering:



Peking University

Tsing Hua University

Zhejiang University

Renmin University of China

Wuhan University



Peking University

Tsing Hua University

Tianjin Medical University

Wuhan University

Dalian Medical University




Tsing Hua University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Dalian University of Technology

Wuhan University



Peking University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Wuhan University

Hunan University

Nankai University

Study MBBS in China from Nepal

The relationship between Nepal and Tibet are centuries old.The bilateral relation between Nepal and China has been friendly and is defined by the Sino-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.

There are benefits for the overseas students more than you can even think. Here in this article we shall discuss some of the benefits for the nepali students studying in an university located in china.


cost of education in china:

The cost of education in china is different for each major in different university and depends on you that what university and what major you choose to study in however the average cost of studying in a Chinese university is a 3300 USD (around20,000 RMB) to 9900 USD (around 60,000RMB) per year. The application fee varies as well, that is from 90 USD to 150 USD, normally not in excess of 200 USD.

Among all the programs offered by the Chinese universities MBBS is considered to be the most expensive one.


living cost in china for the nepali students:

The living cost at a place effects a lot in the monthly expenditures of a student. The average living cost of a student living inside the campus premises i.e. the dormitories of the universities is in between 1600 to 2000 RMB per month, however the students living outside the campus premises in self-rented apartments are seen to be having more expenditures than the formal ones as they have to pay extra bills etc.


Staff for the overseas students:

The staff and faculty dealing with the overseas students studying different curriculums in different universities of china are believed to be having higher lever qualifications. The teachers under the age of 40 are compulsory to have the basic english vocabulary to teach the overseas students.

The teachers and professors are well-qualified and believed to be the best in the whole country!


Programs offered in the chinese universities:

There are degree and non-degree programs offered in universities of china depending upon the time you want to study the course.


Scholarships for nepali students:

There are many different top universities offering scholarships to the overseas students studying business in china. These scholarships may be awarded once in a year or in the form of monthly allowance.

Studying in China 7 myths

There is no fun in mentioning that china has become the first destination for the overseas students after their high school graduation. You want to study abroad in china but are not quire sure, right? No worries, in this article we will separate the facts and fictions. Here are 7 most common myths or misconceptions that might keep you from studying in china:


Myth #1: studying in china without knowing the native language:

While studying in china, learning chinese language will help you at every step BUT it is not necessary as most of the majors taught in different universities in china are now in english language. Obtaining certificates of English acquisition is becoming a fundamental requirement for many job opportunities in China.

Study in china for masters. The demand of native english teachers are of high demand in china. All the teachers under the age of 40 are compulsory to have basic english vocabulary and years of teaching experience their particular subject.

Many high world ranking universities in china have foreign teachers to teach the overseas students.


Myth #2: can survive entirely on chinese food!

Trying a new food sounds cool but until you have to eat it for a long time, then it is a problem! But still, no worries. In china there are many superstore and departmental store available just similar to those in U.S such as Walmart etc.

Many restaurants are now being opened for thee students from pakistan, india, U.S.A, nepal to provide them with their home taste!


Myth #3: being alone:

Being alone in china is simply not possible as students from all over the world come join the same university you are thinking of. There are many student unions in every university in china just for the sole purpose for providing a chance for the overseas students to socialize and interact with each other. Many societies and clubs are formed just for keep the overseas students entertained while their stay in china so you will hardly find any time to be alone, unless you want it by yourself.


Myth #4: communist country:

China is way much safer as compared to most of the cities of America. Yes, however staying abroad one should always be careful and avoid some certain places, clubs and neighborhoods.

More than 50,000 overseas students are applying in different universities in china each year. You wont be the only one here.


Myth #5: expenditures in china are high:

One of the perks of studying in china is that the fee structure of almost all of the universities in china are below the average cost of studying in the west as well as in the other countries of Asia.

The daily expenditures in china for a normal student studying in a chinese university is in between 1200 to 2000RMB which includes almost everything that a student requires for himself. However this estimated value may vary from person to person depending upon the lifestyle and the facilities required.


Myth #6: communication with my family is going to be a problem:

While staying in china communication with your family is not a thing to be worried about as skype and apple face time are most used methods by the students staying in china. There are some other means as well that the students use to talk to their friends and family members such as Wechat and qq.


Myth #7: You’ll have to compromise on the quality of your education:

No my friend, before you think further about it you should know that there are many universities in china which are world ranked top universities. All these universities are in competition with other universities of the world and still till this date maintain the international standards! Some of the top leading universities in china include:

Peking university

Tsinghua university

Wuhan agricultural university

Beijing university of post and telecommunications.

Shanghai jiaotong university and many more…