China admissions

Admissions in China or China admissions are now a great trend for the youngsters after their high school education the admission however can be achieved via online methods or by physically visiting the university office.

Online admission:

Online registration is one of the evolution that helps you to apply in your dream university saving your time and money are also some of its most highlighted benefits. If you are interested to study in china and want to know about the online registration process, then you are at the right place!


Methods for online registration:

There are many methods adopted by the applicants to register online, some of the most common methods are as follows:

  1. You can apply online on the official website of the university which are made human friendly with everything clearly mentioned on it.
  2. You can contact with the admission office of the university and can send them the documents that they requested you for.
  3. You can also apply with the help of an agency like ACASC that have years of experience in dealing with the overseas students and to get them enrolled into their desired universities.


information required while applying online:

All the online registration processes require some of your details to fill the forms. Some of these details include:

Personal Details


Language Proficiency

Source of Financial Support

Family Members’ Information



There is a list of documents that you shall prepare while applying for admission in the university, these documents include:

Passport photo

Photocopy of passport

Photocopy of valid visa

Personal ID card

Health certificate

Certification of no criminal record

Letter of guarantee

Financial support statement

Certificate of highest education


ACASC Services on China Admission:

ACASC a highly developed company providing its services to the overseas students to get enrolled into their dream universities while sitting back in their couches at their home. With just a few clicks you can easily find your dream University within no time and can also get enrolled in it with just a few steps.

ACASC consultants are always there for you to provide proper guidance and other admission facilities.

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