Tuition fees in China

As China has been investing greatly in education over the last years and due to numerous partnerships China has with universities from UK and U.S., it is no wonder the number of international students is on the rise. To make studying in China even more attractive, the cost of living is significantly lower compared to many countries worldwide and except for a few universities, tuition fees are affordable. While studying abroad especially in china you might always think that how can you survive in a place you don’t even know about even if you somehow are awarded with the scholarship that covers all your tuition fee and accommodation fee as well, no worries! You came to the right place, here in this article we shall discuss some of these points that influence a lot on the living cost and also on the average tuition fees in china.

Tuition fees in China (Chinese universities)

Tuition fees in China (public universities)

The average tuition fees in public universities range between 3,300 and 10,000 USD/year.


Fees for an English-taught degree are between 2,200 and 4,500 USD/year

Program’s in medicine, engineering and business: between 24,000 and 50,000 USD/year

UK universities with a local campus in China:


12,000 USD/year for a Bachelor’s degree

13,500 USD/year for a Master’s degree.

Tuition fees in private universities

Apart from several private Chinese universities, you can also apply to many American and British universities with a local campus in a Chinese city. Tuition fees in these universities start from around 8,000 USD/year and can lead to around 15,000 USD/year.

The higher the university is ranked in China’s league tables, the more expensive the application fee.

Peking University – one of China’s top-ranked universities – charges an average application fee of 1,128 yuan Tuition fees are around 23,230 yuan per year. As a Chinese undergraduate degree takes four years to complete, a student at Peking should expect to spend around 92,927 yuan in total on tuition.


Nanjing Tech University is the most affordable in China in terms of tuition fees around (25,130 yuan) and the average undergraduate student would graduate having spent around 100,524 yuan after four years of study.

There are numerous scholarships available to for international students. China’s Ministry of Education has pledged around $238 million for the Chinese Government Scholarship Program in the 2012-13 academic year alone. This program is structured to provide full and partial scholarships for international students. More than 25,000 students benefitted from this scheme in 2011 and the Chinese government is working on increasing this number.


Tuition payment:

Most universities will allow you to pay the tuition fee at the beginning of each semester. But some universities only accept annual payment. You need to confirm with the university’s staff and follow their instructions. Please note that in general, schools do not offer a discount for up-front or bulk payment. generally there will be 5-10% increase each year to cover increases in costs.

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