Scholarship Spotlight

5 Steps for getting a better University Scholarship with ACASC


You have been accepted to a university on a scholarship.

Follow these five steps to maximize your chances of scholarship success:

  • Understand why the college is offering you a scholarship.

Universities and Colleges offer scholarships in the hopes that it will encourage you to choose their school over the others.  They want you to enroll and achieve your future goals.

  • Know who to contact.

University Scholarships are typically decided upon in the Admissions Office. Colleges offer scholarships to many accepted students, even if they didn’t apply from the start but uses their academic performance.  If you applied through ACASC you have our company as your ally.

  • Why do you want to attend this college.

What do you think makes you a better candidate, and most importantly what other offers have you received from other schools or agents? Depending on offers from less selective or non-recognized schools may not help your case, but if you really want a scholarship from a recognized school contact

  • Be timely but patient.

  Contact ACASC as soon as you have registered and submitted all your documents for review via our online admissions portal. But before you pay your deposit, give us about two weeks to respond to your request.  Follow up if you don’t hear back from us.  Our Admissions Offices are mostly busy. Start with an email or phone call 008615850513534 and follow up with any info you need to know or we request.

  • Send in a person to contact.

Contact person could be a guardian or parent. Keep in mind that with ACASC you have nothing to lose, and the university will not rescind your acceptance or scholarships they have already awarded you.  ACASC will need witnesses or a guarantor to sign before the student completes the application. The school will check to be sure there is someone to contact as a family in case of any emergency.

Start your future here now before it’s too late. Apply now or contact for any questions.