Why ACASC? It Is The Top China International Recruitment Agency For International Students

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Why choose ACASC?

In the year 2006, ACASC in collaboration with six medical universities formed the International College Centre of Hebei North University to recruit international students from all over the world to study MBBS in China. Both parties formed a joint cooperation in the drawing up of the curriculum and structure for the MBBS program, obtaining accreditations and recognitions, the recruitment of lecturers and the recruitment of international students. Frustrated by the lack of different majors offered in Hebei North University, ACASC settled sail to exploit other universities and colleges in China to assist international students interested in studying different majors a chance to use our online platform and this has proved to be an overwhelming success.

Today, what was once a small but innovative group of six consultants has transformed to a member organization comprised of nearly 29 staff members, partnering with more than 400 colleges and universities across China. Annually, nearly 500,000 applicants use the ACASC online admission portal to submit over 1.7 million applications.

What we offer:

Proven Results in College Admissions Rates

ACASC- Admission Centre for Advanced Studies in China has a 100% success rate. Every single one of our students has been accepted into universities and colleges in China, and 95% have gotten into their choice of schools thanks to the hard work they have put in and the assistance of our advice team.

Our ACASC Advice Team 

Every member of the ACASC team is a former admissions officer from a university or college in China. Each of the members of our team has sat in the decision maker's chair and understands and knows what admissions officers are looking for and what it takes to stand out.

Strength of a Team

A whole team of experts backs up our advice team. This signifies the great benefits from the collective knowledge of great admissions officers from many of the top universities and colleges in China, with additional information from experts in financial aid applications and edge-cutting technology.

Personalized Approach to Admissions Assistance

One size does not fit all. Our focus is on you, which mean a unique application plan. Taking into account your desires, your strengths, and your dreams.

Families appreciate that we help applicants put their best foot forward, while still encouraging them to be themselves and pursue their true interests. Parents and students most often comment on the effectiveness of the College Coach college consultants in minimizing family stress, offering clarity, effectively organizing individual elements, helping students dig deeply to write the best possible essays and adding significant value to the process.

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