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What is the cost of applying?

China has become a very popular destination for most international students that want to study abroad. This has been due to the excellent quality of education that is being provided by Chinese colleges and the heavy investing that the government has made to sustain this high quality. There has also been a partnership with several US and UK universities, whereby teacher exchange programs are held as well.

Chinese universities have become even more attractive as a result of the fact the costs of education, which include the tuition fees and accommodation fees are relatively very low. Before you get into any university in China you will have to submit an application. With regards to the submitting of an application, which includes several documents, you will also have to pay an application fee. This application fee which usually ranges from $50 to $150, depends on the school that you are applying to.

When you apply through ACASC you pay the same application fee and ACASC does not add any extra fee.

Please note that in some cases ACASC charges a service fee. The team will inform you beforehand if  a service fee will have to be paid before the process commences. Applying through ACASC into Chinese universities attracts a service fee of $50. Please check ACASC application service for details. Different universities charge different application fee and ACASC has been authorized to receive the fee on their behalf.

Application Fee:


  1. Affiliated universities and colleges in China have approved ACASC to accept the application fee on their behalf.

  2. Processing of your application starts after the application fee has been paid. The application fee ranges from $20 to $150

  3. Note that payment for all services by universities and colleges in China is transacted only in Renminbi (RMB).

  4. The application fee for Hebei North University is 800RMB, the same as posted on its website. ACASC converts RMB into US dollars on the ACASC website for students’ convenience.



  • It is solely the decision of individual university's admission office to accept or decline your application based on applicants’ documents and educational background. However, we guarantee you will enjoy:

  1. One-on-one consultation service.

  2. The free and the high-quality service.

  3. Free express delivery of admission package.


  • Applicants are required to pay their tuition and accommodation fees when you arrive in the school and register. Note again that all China’s universities accept payment in RMB and in cash. Detailed information about payment mode will be clearly stated in your acceptance letter and most banks in China provide cash exchange services.  ACASC has designed a pre-departure guidebook to assist you.

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