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Visa Application

A visa is a certified document that is granted by a country to a foreigner, which will allow them to enter that country. Currently most visas take the form of a sticker that is pasted in the applicants travel documents or passport. This applies the same way to the Chinese visa. To study in china, you will need a study visa that will allow you to enter the country as a student. However there are many different kinds of visas that can be granted, and they are usually granted with respect to the reason of entrance. The Chinese visa types are, the tourist (L), business (M), and students (X), work (Z), transit (G) and many others. For the purpose of this article we will be focusing more on the student (X) visa.

The students visa or X visa is in two kinds, the X1 and the X2 visas. The X1 visa is granted to a foreigner that is coming to China to study for a period of more than 6 months. The X2 visa is issued to foreigners who are coming to study in china for less than 6 months. For the X visa the school or organization of study must be recognized by the government to offer courses to foreign students. The institute will send you a jw201 or jw202 form and an admission letter with which you will apply for the visa.

When you enter China with an X visa, you are not permitted to work and it will be against the laws if you do so. You can however make arrangements with your university to get part time work to support yourself. However this is not guaranteed and it will depend on your universities rules.

Upon arrival in China with an X1 visa, the student has to apply for temporary resident permit from the local public security bureau within 30 days after entry in China.


  1. Applicant's original passport valid up to at least six months with at least one blank page.

  2. One accurately and truthfully completed Application Form.  

  3. Please affix one recent passport style color photo with full face, front view, no hat, and against a plain light background on the application form.

  4. Original and a copy of approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form JW201 or JW202 (for X1 application only). 

  5. Original and a copy of Admission Notice from the university or Chinese school. Note: for foreigners who want to apply for Chinese Medical Internship, the original and a copy of Application Form for Medical Internship and Admission Notice for training in practice issued by the university are required.

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