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Study Chinese in Beijing

Your advanced or intermediate proficiency will skyrocket while you explore Beijing’s role in Chinese society. Small, topic-oriented, cultural activities and lectures gives meaning to what you learn in the classroom and give you additional tools to successfully navigate living in another culture. Plus, you’ll take part in intensive Mandarin language courses; area studies electives, weekly interactions with Chinese peer tutors, a homestay option, and group excursions.

Study Chinese Language in Beijing and you'll:

  • Choose from the largest selection of language electives in China

  • Improve your Mandarin with up to 20 hours of in-class language instruction per week and one-on-one tutorials with peer tutors

  • Visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Temple of Heaven, and areas outside of Beijing

  • Live with a Chinese host family or in a dorm with other international students

  • Participate in smaller, topic-oriented cultural activities and lectures



you'll have access to an exceptional range of courses and electives, allowing you to build an academic program suited to your interests and abilities. Enroll in courses that advance your grammar, character composition, and listening comprehension. Build language skills needed to conduct business or study Chinese language through film. These universities will assist you integrate many experiential activities through task-based assignments that get you using spoken and written Chinese.


Get out and see China beyond your campus walls. Visit historical sites like Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City. Travel to Xi’an to see the Great Mosque and  Terracotta Warriors or visit Shanghai to study modern architecture and manmade landscapes. Take a trip to the ancient Chinese capitals of Luoyang and Kaifeng, or go off the beaten path during an excursion to Shanxi Province, where you’ll learn about environment and rural governance in China.


Engage in volunteer opportunities that fit your passions and support your academic coursework. Teach English at a school for blind children, or even schools for the children of migrant workers. Other opportunities consist of volunteer work for Chinese NGOs. It’s all waiting for you.


 1.     Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

2.     Beijing International Studies University (BISU)

3.     Beijing Normal University (BNU)

4.     Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)

5.     Communication University of China (CUC)

6.     Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB)

7.     Peking University

8.     Renmin University

9.     Tsinghua Inter-University Program (IUP)

10.   Capital Normal University

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