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Post Graduate Subject Areas

A postgraduate is a generally a student that has completed their undergraduate studies and is further studying to receive another degree. A bachelor’s degree is the name of the degree that you receive after completing your undergraduate study.

Hence postgraduate studies are a range of programs that are available to students that have successfully completed their undergraduate study. Postgraduate study is more advanced, it requires higher learning and higher levels of understanding. It generally requires more focus and usually more effort as compared to undergraduate programs.

Some postgraduate degrees usually require the completion of certain bachelor degree programs whiles other do not. So to apply for any postgraduate degree, you should seek the requirements of that degree and make sure you are qualified to do so. However the general rule for application is that you must have completed a bachelor’s degree program.

Postgraduate degrees are usually divided into two categories:


Master’s Degree

This degree is a second cycle degree that is awarded to a student by the university after successfully completing a particular program or a specific field of study. A master’s degree usually requires the student to have previously attained a bachelor’s degree.

Doctorate Degree

A doctorate degree is a degree that is obtainable after being awarded a master’s degree. It is usually required by some universities to have a master’s degree before applying for your doctorates degree. You will need to check with the university you intend to apply to and take a look at their requirements.

Choosing a postgraduate course

Find out about different postgraduate course types and subject areas, then search for a course using our course search tool.

  •  How to choose a postgraduate course

After getting started with what type of course to study, you might still find a lot of relevant courses to choose from around the country. Make sure you check the entry requirements when you search for courses, and take a look at our tips for choosing between courses and visiting universities to find out more.

  •  Search for postgraduate courses

Use the ACASC search tool to find postgraduate courses. You can then use ACASC Apply to apply for some postgraduate courses.

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