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  • Students up for a second LEGO2NANO hackathon Students and researchers from UCL’s Engineering and MAPS Faculties, Institute of Making and London Centre for Nanotechnology
  • Advice for Waitlisted Students Over the next couple of months, high school graduates will be receiving lots of college admissions decisions from their home country. Some good news, some bad news, It’s hard to know what to make of a better decision. 
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Recruit Students, Transparently 

Securely Protect your portal from unreliable contacts and disingenuous students. ACASC provides support for your institution to distinguish between the potentials and the frauds. We show you clearly who our verified and premium agents are, allow you to auto-assess and manually assess students and make use of dozens of comprehensible reports for you to understand what exactly is happening.

Verified & Premium Agents

ACASC allows you to securely search through and contact numerous agents from all over the world, filter out unwanted ones, monitor all contacted agents and establish long-lasting relations.

Reports Visualize every action in the recruitment process.

ACASC utilizes multiple advanced reporting mechanisms, for you to understand what is happening from every side of the recruitment.

Assess Students

Conduct tests that allow you to accurately judge the student's validity and skill. With ACASC, credibility testing can be conducted from a single platform - whether through requesting a one-on-one or reviewing automated tests. Know your potential student and establish trust between the agent, student and yourself.

Overview Documents Manage Student Documentation. 

Review all uploaded documents, take note of missing files and easily track the application process. ACASC provides you the accessibility to review all documents required to enable the student to come to your campus. From the initial VISA application to the flight arrangements.

  • ACASC was founded by experienced educational consultants   who want to provide the experiences they have had in partnering Chinese universities to woe more students into pursuing their studies in China

  • We strive to send as many students to Chinese universities as possible, in contrast to helping fewer students who pay more for their semesters

  • The application and acceptance procedure is simple and standardized  which reduces the operational costs to a minimum

  • We selects our partners very carefully, based on their international reputation, academic exploits  and students’ reviews.

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