Location and Climate Within China

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Location and Climate Within China

If you have never visited China, you may be surprised to learn not only how large it is, but also how much variety exists between the different areas of the country. Chinese colleges and universities exist in small towns surrounded by rural countryside, as well as in the middle of large cities where over a million people are living. Each campus has a different “feel” to it, and you will want to think about what sort of culture best suits you. Perhaps you are from a small town or have always lived in a rural area, and you are excited by the idea of living in a big city, surrounded by thousands of people. Or does the idea of being in a noisy, bustling city where you may need to learn how to navigate your way around using public transportation make you uncomfortable? These are important issues to consider.

Because China is such a large country, there is naturally quite a range of climates, as well. Many provinces have a full range of weather in the four seasons of one year, where temperatures may range from very cold with possible snow in the winter to hot, humid conditions in the summer You may be more comfortable studying in an area whose climate matches that of your home country, or perhaps you are ready for a change. You can study at a school in the mountains or near a beach by the ocean. Detailed weather information about the weather conditions and average seasonal temperatures may be found through the resources at your educational advising center, or on the World Wide Web.

Obviously, it is ideal if you can visit various schools in China. before making your decision, but that may well be impossible. Learn as much as you can from this website and other research to learn about the different parts of the country and what each location has to offer. Look at not only the different higher education institutions in China, but also the various regions of the country to decide where you will find the most happiness and success as an international student.

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