How to track your application studying in China?

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How to track your application?

The ACASC websites unlike other admission portals, allows you to check the status of your application. After you have submitted your application, you can track the status of your application by signing in into your account and clicking on track your application. A little pop-up page will be displayed. The status of your application will be displayed shortly. You can start tracking your application after you’ve received a welcome email from us. By logging in to your account you are able to track your application anytime and anywhere and learn where you stand in the application process. This feature enables you to gain insight on whether your application has been received yet, processed and when you can expect to get a response.

Signing in to track your application.


Use the username that we sent you in your welcome email when you registered with us, along with the password you used when registering. By logging in to your account With this database and website the applicant is assured of safety, precision and the right data needed not only to track the progress of your application but also to be able to ask questions and receive the needed answers.


How to track my application progress?


Once you’ve received your welcome email, you can use Track Progress Now with your personal ACASC account to keep up-to-date with your ACASC application. We have made our portal very advanced and you will receive automated messages on every step of your application. Once we receive your application, we will notify you. After we go through you application to ensure that everything has been done perfectly we would also notify you. We will keep updating you on the portal, once the university confirms receipt of your documents, and also when they begin the processing till when we finally have confirmation that you have been accepted into the university.

Should we find a problem with your application, we will notify you and keep giving you tips on how to make it better and which omissions you have made. We will ensure that we communicate with  you in every step of the way to ensure clarity and also to gain your trust. We will also give you a link that will help you track your admission documents once they have been sent. With this you will be able to track whichever stop your document makes on its way to your home and also know the exact day and date to expect it. 

We will try our bestto keep you informed throughout all the processes involving your application, so that you are not left out of this process. For any further questions, please contact our help team and feel free to discuss it with them.


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