How to choose the right university in China?

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How to choose the right university?

The program you choose to study in college is very important, but the choice of where to study is as important and will likely have a direct impact on the experiences you will have in college. Most people will like to consider or will prefer to study in in a very big city or country, others will rather prefer to be in a more serene and not so popular environment. Everyone has their own preference about the kind of environment or the nature of the place they study in. This is very much understandably because being in a comfortable environment will always affect the way you study.

Every course and every university are different and each student wants different things. The chances of finding a perfect match can be a challenge because of the tall list of universities you have to choose from and the wide range of courses associated with them. You will almost certainly need to decide what is most important to you.

Most often, the country you chose to study in is very important, some students will prefer a country with a culture similar to theirs, other people would rather experience different cultures and languages. Other students will prioritize the quality of education over the student life, whiles others will do other.

There are a lot of destinations to consider when you have to decide where to study, and this vast collection of schools to choose from can actually make it difficult to decide. There are certain questions that we have listed, with which your answers to them will help you decide where to study.

  1.  Would you prefer to be in an English speaking environment, or rather be in a place with a different language?

  2.  Will you rather study in a university located in an urban setting, or one in a more suburban or rural place?

  3.  Will you prefer a very big university with a large population, or a less popular one with moderate population?

Your answers to these questions could help limit you to certain schools and this might help in your decision on where to study.

Currently, nearly 400 universities and colleges in China and 10 language schools are making use of ACASC’s online admission system. We advise that you think through the following aspects to help you choose the right university:

Your Preference

If a particular city interests you, it is advisable to look at the geographical location of the university or college you are interested in and then apply for it immediately. If you’re not very familiar with China's cities, take a look at our City Guide.
What sort of university do you want to go to? As you might expect universities are not all the same. Whether large or small, old or new university each university-type will offer a different student experience. Think about what is right for you.


The cost has always been a factor in the decision-making process and budgeting for university education can’t be left out. It is important to budget for your social life too.
The cost of living in Beijing, Shanghai, and large coastal cities is relatively high compared to living in China’s inland regions. For example, cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Xi’an, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other cities are all well developed with beautiful scenery and many excellent universities.

University Characteristics and Strong Points

Course choice is consistently the top reason why students drop out of university so it is important to get it right. For some, the choice of subject and type, of course, will narrow down the number of possible universities to just a few. So choosing the right course at the right university for you will require some research.
If you have doubts about the language of instruction in China, there are a number of English-taught programs like Medicine, Engineering, International Trade and Economy and Business in all our universities and colleges.  
If you have a particular major that you want to study, you can choose according to the universities’ expertise. For example, Beijing Language and Culture University is the earliest, most well-established and recognized university teaching foreign students Chinese. Every year, thousands of foreign students attend this university to study Chinese language and culture.
It is all a matter of priorities that you feel are important for you, after all you will be the one who has to study on the course and you may be living there for over three years or more. The more research you put into the process the more likely you will make the right decision.

Fellow Citizens

If you want to quickly learn the Chinese language it is advisable you apply to a university with less number of fellow citizens. If you, however, want to get integrated quickly into the university, you might want to choose a university with more fellow citizens. Again, it all bores down to priorities that best suit you.

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