Choosing Where to Study

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Choosing Where to Study

The program you choose to study in college is very important, but the choice of where to study is as important and will likely have a direct impact on the experiences you will have in college. Most people will like to consider or will prefer to study in in a very big city or country, others will rather prefer to be in a more serene and not so popular environment. Everyone has their own preference about the kind of environment or the nature of the place they study in. This is very much understandably because being in a comfortable environment will always affect the way you study.

Most often, the country you chose to study in is very important, some students will prefer a country with a culture similar to theirs, other people would rather experience different cultures and languages. Other students will prioritize the quality of education over the student life, whiles others will do other.

There are a lot of destinations to consider when you have to decide where to study, and this vast collection of schools to choose from can actually make it difficult to decide. There are certain questions that we have listed, with which your answers to them will help you decide where to study.

  1.  Would you prefer to be in an English speaking environment, or rather be in a place with a different language?

  2.  Will you rather study in a university located in an urban setting, or one in a more suburban or rural place?

  3.  Will you prefer a very big university with a large population, or a less popular one with moderate population?

Your answers to these questions could help limit you to certain schools and this might help in your decision on where to study.



When comparing your course locations, you’re simply weighing in the advantages of choosing certain universities over others. To compare a course location to another, you’d need to highlight the strength and weaknesses of every location you have in mind. To do that you’d need to find as much information an=bout the university and the programs offered as much as you can. When you’ve done that, you can then weigh all the advantages, and compare them to the disadvantages. Then you’d find it easier to make a decision.

In comparing these, you’d have to look out for certain major factors, you’d have to compare the costs, the level of education and probably the location.

The cost in relation to the cost of living, tuition fees, availability of grants, and others. The cost of living of a specific city or country can have a direct impact on your choice. Most people will not want to live in very expensive places, others will also love to live in luxury. It is always important to pick a city or country whose cost of living will suit you and one that you can afford to live in.

Some countries are also known to offer certain incentives and grants to cut down tuition fees. You should make it a point to explore and find out if where you wish to study has those kinds of incentives especially if you will need them.

The tuition fees of where you’re going to study should also be major deciding factor. You should be able to pick a study location with fees that you can afford. It is common knowledge that universities in Europe charge higher tuition fees as compared to those in Asia. China for instance has highly rated universities that are very affordable.

This is sometimes the most important factor of consideration for most students.

Some will also want to focus on the level of education provided. Some families will prefer that their students study in the highest ranked universities possible. The prioritize prestige over costs. These people usually do not have any problem when it comes to the paying of fess and other financial responsibilities.

Another group of students will focus on the location, the country or city where they are studying. This is also very important for certain people. They prefer places where they will feel more comfortable, and this is also very understandable. Your ability to cope and familiarize with your environment will have a long way to go in making you successful.



There isn’t a doubt that acquiring a degree from a top class university will help your job application and boost your CV. However there are so many other very good universities that offer very good programs as well.

A universities ranking should definitely not be the only basis of your decision to choose a university. However, it’s a very good reason to use that as a reference point in considering which university and program to consider.

There are so many websites and journals that rank universities and have reviews written on them. These are a necessary read for prospective students. This is because these reviews are usually written by students and are usually true and in-depth.

If you are looking for the best education possible, a highly ranked university might be your best bet. This is usually because these universities are ranked solely based on their academic prowess. There are rankings also that rate schools according to the program you choose. This is because certain schools have better departments than others.

Another benefit of a high ranked university is that the reputation that comes with a top level university will open up certain doors to opportunities that might not have been available with other universities. After graduation, most employers are more willing to recruit people that graduated from higher ranked universities as compared to lower ranked ones.

The high rank of a university will usually mean that that a more diverse range of international students are present. This can be very good for you because you will integrate with a more diverse group of people which will broaden your scope of thinking. You will experience more cultures and be more open minded towards certain things.

Choosing a university should not solely be based on one particular factor alone, and a universities ranking is just a pick of the few factors to help you decide.


ACASC is always trying their best to help you make informed decisions of every aspect concerning studying abroad. Our online portal has been updated with all the schools that we are associated with. With just a click of a button, you will be directed to a page where you can search any university you want. You can search Universities by programs, by location and also by ranking. You can also sort them according to their tuition fees.

We have taken it upon ourselves to make searching for schools very easy and informed. When we talk of giving you the platform to make an informed decision, we simply mean that with all the schools on our portal, we have fully described them with reviews. This has been done to help you know more about the school and have more information on every basic requirement of schools.

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