Choosing a University for Postgraduate Study

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Choosing a University for Postgraduate Study

There are so many important factors to consider when deciding where to do your postgraduate degree. The most common factors that are considered include costs, location, course content and also the availability of grants and funding.

Choosing a university for postgraduate study is as important decision as deciding the program to study. Most of the time, this decisions are sometimes interdependent on each other and related as well. You are unlikely to reach or fulfil you maximum potential, if the university you attend offers a great course but then you are very unhappy, or if the university is very fun but the course you are offering isn’t the best.

To have a very successful postgraduate study, you would need to choose a university that you will feel very comfortable at and be supported and also pick the perfect course that will help you attain your goals. With that in mind, your choice of university or college will likely be driven by a combination of certain factors which include the universities ranking, the subject you will want to study, the funding available and the sometimes the location.

Size of University and Location

The size and location off a universities matters a lot. Most people will like to study in the same university they did as undergraduates, others will not like to do that at all. Some students will want to continue in the same university with its same network of friends and academics. Others prefer to build new connections in new environments with new friends, or even a change of scenery.

Local living costs also play a part in this decision. You will realize that some parts of China like the bigger and more popular cities are more expensive places to live in. Cities like Beijing and Shanghai will obviously have higher costs of living as compared to smaller and less popular cities like Zhangjiakou and Shijiazhuang. So for a student that would probably be on a tight budget, all these factors about the university must be considered before enrolling

Another factor is the preference of the type of location. Some students will want to be closer to city life. Some students prefer san urban setting to a more rural one. They tend to select universities that are located near big cities or closer to more popular places. Some also will chose a more populous university with a very high number of students rather than chose a university with a lesser population.


University Reputation and Ranking

A universities reputation, ranking and reputation will play a big role in your choice of university. A university ranking is basically the ranking and placement of universities that have been ranked on the basis of so many combinations of various factors. These ranking are usually conducted by websites, newspapers, magazines and governments. The rankings are based on various combinations of factors, which include research excellence, graduate employment, internationalization, historic reputation and other factors.

Over the past Decade Chinese universities have gradually climbed up the ranks. At first universities in china were not really given that much relevance and recognition, but due to their recent achievements and steady educational growth, the have risen up the ladder. Some of the leading universities in China and Asia are now considered amongst the most prestigious universities in the world. This can be seen in the recent issue of the Times Higher Education World Reputation Ranking 2017.

Chinas top two schools are in the top 20 universities in the world. Both Tsinghua university and Peking university have over the years maintained a level of excellence that has made them a very prominent university in China and also worldwide. Hence some students will chose to enroll in a particular university because of is high ranking and reputation, which will probably help their future job.

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