Can I work and study in China?

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Can I work and study in China?

Can I work and study in China?


In terms of the government regulations, international students are prohibited to work during their studies. They are holders of a student visa and therefore need to be there for their sole purpose of studying only .However, temporary work or internships are sometimes permissible. Jobs such as teaching English are particularly easy for native English speakers to find.

Several native speakers of English may decide to teach English for numerous reasons - mostly to earn some additional income, and to increase their daily interaction with Beijing locals.

Tutors with a teaching background, or an ESL teaching certificate, may have a greater advantage when looking for a tutoring position, particularly at formal English teaching schools that demand higher qualifications from their tutors. Teaching experience isn’t always required.

English learners range from four-year-old kindergarten children to business professionals wanting to improve their spoken English skills in the workplace.

A class may be established on a one-to-on basis or up to at least ten learners.

Internships are also permissible as long as the student is granted permission by their university.

If you can speak Chinese , then this will certainly enhance your opportunities !

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