Brief Steps for Application

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Brief Steps for Application

How to Apply?

1. You may submit the application to the consular office of the Chinese Embassies or Consulates in person.
2. Or you can entrust someone else (e.g. friends, relatives), a travel agency or a visa agency to act on your behalf if you can't come personally. Power of attorney is not required.
3. Mailed applications are not accepted and will be refused by most of Chinese embassies or consulates.

Processing Time

The regular processing time is 4 working days. If you want to collect your visa earlier, the express service and rush service are available. Express Service: 2-3 working days processing; extra US$ 20 will be charged. Rush Service (for emergencies): 1 working day processing; extra US$ 30 will be charged. 

Arriving in China

After successfully obtaining your travel documents and visa the next step will be to book your flight to china. With this it is very important that you contact someone you know in china or most appropriately ACASC for some advice. It is always advisable to book the flight to an airport that is closer to your school that you will be attending. To get this information you will have to reach out to the advice team at ACASC to help you. You can also contact a trusted friend who is residing in China, most appropriately in the school you will be attending to help you with arrangements in getting to the university. ACASC also has a pickup service that is offered to students on request. You will have to contact the representatives’ to find out the cost because with every university, fares are different.

Our pickup service will arrive at the airport and take you to your university. They will also help you with your registration and can also help you to get settled down and get the necessary things to help your stay in china.


When you arrive at your university finally, you will have to register and make all the required payments. Our representatives can help you to do that. Our services include helping students to settle down completely. We will direct students the school admissions office and help them to make all the required payments. We will aid them in filling out all the documents that are required and then make sure they officially become students of the particular university.

We will help students to get integrated into their hostel facilities and help them get basic necessities that will be of need to them. We will help them to get bank cards and then help them with a few groceries before finally leaving them. Even after we have left we will keep being in contact with students to make sure that they are coping well with living in china and also well with their studies. We will always be open to support students.

Resident Permit and Visa Extension

Before leaving the students, we will make sure that we submit the students’ passport to the school, which will then be submitted to the local security bureau for the extension of the visa. With the X1 visa the student has to obtain a temporary resident permit within 30 days after arrival in china. Before the passport can be submitted for the extension of the visa, it is important to note that all fees must be paid in full, if not the visa will not be extended and the student will be sent back home.

It is always important to make sure that students can afford to pay the full fees once they enter china to prevent any inconveniences. It can be very embarrassing and difficult when the school refuses to extend a student’s visa as a result of a fee problem.

The ACASC advice team is there to help deal with all the affairs that are related to students and we will always do our best to ensure that all our students are well catered for and are being offered the best education possible.

We will keep ensuring that we support students and help them as much as we can because we believe that the well-being of our students is very crucial in making them great students.

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