Benefits of Being an ACASC Counselor

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Benefits of Being an ACASC Counselor

Registered counselors have unique access to applications during the application process. Counselors are able to subscribe to our official email, which will then allow them to see applications once they have been sent to ACASC. Some of the benefits are outlined below.

Assist when you need it – a dedicated telephone line at ACASC.

Counselors are viewed as a trusted source of applications by universities and colleges.

Contact your students directly from the system with timely reminders, corrections and comments on their applications.

Receive monthly mailings from ACASC giving you news, insight and up-to-date information about the application processes that you can pass on to your students.

Get immediate updates of your applicants about their admission status once they have submitted an application. View where your applicants are if they have replied or are ready to reply to their offers, and where they are accepted.

Access to counselor-only forums, where you can discuss all aspects of the application process, pose questions to other counselors, or raise awareness of changes, upcoming events or impending deadlines.

Manage your students’applications easily. Becoming an ACASC counselor is free and means students can make their ACASC Undergraduate and Postgraduate application through you. We’ll support you through the application process and with advising your students. We’ll show you how to manage their applications in our online Apply service. Applicants who apply by themselves can manage their own applications.

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