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A summary of the Admission Process

We have summarized all the details briefly of what it takes to get into a university here. It talks briefly about submitting yoiur application all the way to entering China. It will inform you on all the basic necessities that you will need and also the information that you will be required to have when you enter China. Please take a few minutes to read through the summary as we believe it will do a great deal in helping your future stay in China.

Submit Application

Applicants should click the “submit” button to send your application to the university.

Note: The school is not notified of your application until your application fee is received.

Wait for School Processing

It usually takes the university's admissions office 4 to 5 weeks to process the application. Feel free to log in to your personal ACASC account to check your application status.

Receive Application Result

You will receive an instant application result in your personal ACASC account as soon as the university’s admission office has finalized its decision on your application. You will also receive a notification through your email address automatically.

It takes several working days to send your Admission Letter and Visa Application Form (JW202 form). You will need both documents to apply for your student visa. Before posting your admission package, you will receive an email from ACASC to confirm your postal address. Please do well to respond to the email to confirm your postal address is correct.

Apply for a Chinese Visa

After admitted by a Chinese university, international students need to apply to the Chinese Embassy (or a consulate) in their home country for an X visa with documents including Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Foreign Students (Form JW201 or JW202), and Physical Examination Form for Foreigners. Foreign students studying in China are required to hold an ordinary passport and an X visa.

Taking the Physical Examination

International students who study only for one semester generally need not take the physical examination. You can consult with the Chinese embassy in your country whether you need the ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigner’ or not.

International students who come to China to study for one academic year or more must take the physical examination. The medical examination can be done either before or after the student enters China.

The physical examination should be taken in the public hospitals one month before their departure, if the physical check-up is done at a private hospital, the student should get the certificate notarized. Some Chinese Embassies/Consulates have specific hospitals/clinics that they highly insist that the physical examination is performed there. Check the requirements of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country or where you’ll be applying for your Chinese visa.

Prepare for University

Life in a new country with different certain can sometimes come with challenges. We advise that before you leave your home country to begin a new life at the university or college, please do well to have full knowledge of your destination and prepare in advance. Be certain of your travel arrangements, accommodation, finances and necessary materials required for the program.

Problem Solving

If after a month you haven’t received any response to your application please contact ACASC student support team at to solve the problem.

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