Demonstrating Interest without thinking of Test Scores

If you have identified your dream schools and you have a strong list of other colleges to apply to. Your GPA, standardized test scores are where they need to be. You need to register with ACASC for us to know who you are and how you will fit into a Chinese university.

At a significant number of applicants, demonstrating interest china’s admission process. If you don’t show ACASC that you are very interested in studying abroad, we find it difficult to meet your demands.

While exploring through our universities, is the most impactful way to demonstrate interest, the school you are interested in might be on your fingertips.

It’s a great idea to develop a relationship with ACASC. Don’t ask questions that are readily available on our website or through a simple web search. Instead of asking, “why study abroad,” which would take you two seconds to find from ACASC website, do some research and ask instead, “I’m interested in (X) major, and I see you have study abroad programs in China.

Demonstrating interest can mean the difference between admission and even denial in some college’s application, you don’t have to give. Just contact for any help. You don’t have to be a “stealth app”. Thus a student who applies with no contact beyond the application. In the process you might learn what you needed to know to move it up or call off your application.


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